Ymir's Armor
Ymirs armor


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  • Protection VI
  • Unbreaking V
  • Fire Protection X

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Ymir's Armor was a set of heavy armor forged and worn by the god of winter Ymir during the Ancient Era. It was the strongest known armor ever constructed in Dragonhollow.

Pieces were later discovered and worn by mortals in the Fourth Era.


The armor was made of solid ice through unknown magical means. Astonishingly strong, the pieces could deflect nearly all incoming damage. The armor was also extraordinarily durable, making it essential indestructable. Because the armor was said to never melt, even against dragonfire which it was designed to withstand, it was probably made out of packed ice.

Ancient texts found with the armor claimed that it was not armor at all but the actual frozen body of Ymir himself hollowed out so as to be wearable. Historians argued this was simply dramatic hyperbole and poetic license. In any case, the claim was proven false when additional sets from the same forge were discovered.


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An incomplete set of armor was found inside the Arachnodome

Scholars contend that Ymir most likely forged the armor during the Wyvern Wars to protect himself against fiery dragon's breath, especially once his own mount Mesonyx turned against him.

Adventurers fighting the Ender Trinity first discovered the armor on 4E:370. Because several pieces were found in the underbelly of dragons, historians believe Ymir fought in the Wyvern Wars, though whether or not he survived the encounter that claimed his armor is unknown.

Armor pieces were later found inside the Guardian Trench, Sea Sphere, and the Arachnodome.

No mortal ever acquired the full set. Retro, Panda, Tox, Gabault, and Wojcik owned pieces of the armor during the Fourth Era. A full set in perfect condition was later discovered in Hyperion, suggesting that HyperSilence had acquired all of the pieces at some point.

The armor was presumed to be destroyed during the Fall of Summergate. However, because Hyperion survived the devastation, it is possible that HyperSilence managed to preserve the set and took it with him when he left the Summerlands and joined others in the Badlands.


Ymir's Skull

Ymirs skull

The skull of the frost giant, Ymir. While he had a very strong head, he wasn't very smart.

Protection VI
Unbreaking V

Ymir's Torso

Ymirs torso

The torso of the frost giant, Ymir. Although made of solid ice, this armor will never melt.

Protection VI
Fire Protection X

Ymir's Leggings

Ymirs leggings

The leggings of the frost giant, Ymir. Although made of solid ice, this armor will never melt.

Protection VI
Unbreaking V

Ymir's Boots

Ymirs boots

The boots of the frost giant, Ymir. Not exactly very fast, but incredibly strong.

Protection VI
Unbreaking V

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