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Zen: Okay, what's this?
Zen: Sir Witherings Monocle
Zen: Tox?
Tox: it's a lore item from a unique HyperDungeon on the last map, which had as its boss "Sir Witherington", a beefed up wither skele
Zen: What does the monocle do?
Zen: Sit in your inventory and look fancy?
Zen: Oh, I bet the glass is an infinite flint/steel
Tox: sure, let's go with that
Zen finds Witherington's Monocle

Witherington's Monocle was worn by Witherington.

It was a vanity item, having no specific function or effect. Only veterans could actually wear the monocle.

During his battle against Tox at Frigid Floe on 5E:121, Witherington wore the monocle. Tox emerged victorious from the duel and took it as a prize, storing it securely at Hyperion Heights until it was accidentally destroyed by Retro. While working on the Twilight Project in his new role as Telchine, Retro manufactured a replacement and gave it to Tox as a surprise gift in the Pandora Secret Santa. The replacement was destroyed when Pandora's Box was opened on 5E:319.

Other monocles were rarely discovered in Hallowmere during the Sixth Era in Ruins and Hyper Dungeons.

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Tox: trying to get some more stuff but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not better off cutting my losses
Tox: hopefully the loot is worth it
Tox: place is crawling with all sorts of silly stuff...this is intense
Tox: nice, tnt wired to a tripwire hook, right next to the loot chest
Tox: assholes
Terry: D:
Tox: Sir Witherington's Monocle
Tox: it's a named piece of glass
Tox: totally worth it
Terry: lmfao
—Tox rewarded for his trouble

HyperSilence created Witherington's Monocle for Dungeon Quest II as a unique drop of Sir Witherington, the boss of Frigid Floe. Later, for the Twilight Project, the monocle was added to the loot tables in Hallowmere.

It could be worn by players through the /hat command, a perk for veterans.

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