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Retro: how was it?
Tox: pretty tough! because of the water it was hard to outmanuever the enemies
Tox: there was an underwater ghast too
Tox: I died 3 times
Retro: rip
Tox: yeah, I was quite aghast myself
Retro: :|
Retro disapproves of Tox's ghastly puns

The White Whale was a ghast who served as guardian of the Sea Sphere during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

It was the only ghast known to live underwater. It was killed by Tox.



"I hate you."
HyperSilence reacts to Tox killing the White Whale

The White Whale was guardian of the Sea Sphere

No one knows how a ghast came to be in the overworld or acclimated to living underwater. Some speculated that the White Whale was fleeing the tyranny of Nether warlord Rambro or accidentally drifted through a megaportal of the type used for high-yield gold farms since the Second Era, but there was no evidence to support these theories.

On 4E:399, Archpriest HyperSilence chose the White Whale to be the boss of his recently constructed Sea Sphere, a Hyper Dungeon for the Dungeon Quest event. After observing Tox raid the Ghast Globe, Hyper had taken notes on how to make a ghast more difficult to defeat.

Five days later, Tox attacked the Sea Sphere and Hyper was once again in attendance to monitor the raid. Initially his hard work seemed to have paid off—on a recon swim, Tox killed by the White Whale after becoming overwhelmed by concentrated laser fire from elder guardians.

But Tox changed tactics upon his return and created an air pocket from which he reflected the White Whale's dangerous fireball back against it, killing the ghast in a single blow and earning him the enmity of HyperSilence for all time.

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

"Almost every mob that I placed in water basically swam to the top and stayed there, incapable of swimming...except one ;). Enjoy fighting a ghast underwater!"

HyperSilence created the White Whale for Dungeon Quest as the boss of the Sea Sphere dungeon. While searching for mobs that were not traditionally fought underwater, he discovered that ghasts moved surprisingly well beneath the waves.

The name, which was given by Tox, was a reference to the 1851 novel Moby-Dick], which chronicles captain Ahab's obsessive quest to exact revenge upon a white whale that cost him his leg.

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