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"Many bandits have called this place home and the wanted board still shows antics pulled in this town. Bandits still roam the town from time to time and some even say the bank still holds valuables that anyone would like to get their hands on."

Westernmere was a settlement in Hallowmere during Dragonhollow's Sixth Era.

Despite its name, it was situated in northern Hallowmere. Built by Wojcik, construction commenced on 6E:61 and was completed on 6E:101.

The town was a hodgepodge mix of squat flat-roofed stone structures and wooden buildings featuring high-fronted facades in acacia, spruce, and dark oak placed on three dirt streets. There was a town hall, saloon, general store, bank, jail, butcher, bakery, blacksmith, stockyard, stables, water tower, and gallows.

The area was quite dangerous due to mobs and men alike. Westernmere was notorious for its banditry problems, causing its wanted board to be routinely filled. The revolutionary outlaw Gabby Two-Guns did hard time there for his murderous excapades, though Tox narrowly escaped mob justice after urinating in the town's water supply by arguing he was performing a community service in providing Piss Water to residents. Short on hard currency, Jinx tried to turn herself in to collect the reward on her own head.

On 6E:111, Wojcik entered Westernmere into the Hallowmere Best Build Contest though he privately felt it did not fit the spirit of the competition nor adhere to its goals. Nevertheless, the town finished in second place.

Westernmere's main drag—Town Hall, Saloon, and General Store

Wojcik and Tox discussed ideas for a railroad that would run from Hardship along the River Acheron to a train depot in Westernmere. However, due to material shortages and declining population, the project never advanced past the planning phase.

Westernmere was a tragic victim of Hallowmere's boom-and-bust cycle. When Woj first began construction, the land was thriving with activity from old veterans and newcomers alike. However, when Eris departed and left Retro as the newly christened Hegemon on 6E:71, growth began to ebb and the population dwindled. By the time the settlement was completed on 6E:101, it had become a ghost town in a ghost land.

Much of the town including the saloon, jail, general store, and water tower were later incorporated into Hammerlea during the Seventh Era as a reward for participation in the Best Build Contest.

Wanted Board

Tox: those damned Wet Bandits
Tox: though I heard they were the Sticky Bandits now
Wojcik: they tried to rob a kid
Tox: damn
Tox: didn't know Spranks had it in him
Tox: was it 0utta?
Wojcik: yeah
Tox: tough love
Wojcik and Tox discuss the Wanted

Face Name Crime Reward
Toxface.png Tox Peeing in town water supply Gold nugget.png x5 gold nuggets
Retroface.png Retro Let rabbit bite citizens Gold nugget.png x2 gold nuggets
Gabface.png Gabby Two-Guns Killing another man over cards Gold ingot.png x5 gold ingots
Feraface.png Ferret Fera Drunk in public Gold ingot.png x1 gold ingot
Aceyface.png Acey Cheating in cards...always had ace up her sleeve Gold ingot.png x64 gold ingots
Printface.png Print Printing illegal currency Gold ingot.png x5 gold ingots
Wojface.png Wojcik Illegal building permits Lead.png Hang Him
Spranksface.png Sprankles Original OG of the Wet Bandits Gold ingot.png x3 gold ingots
Jinxface.png Jinx Petty theft of Sloth Gold ingot.png x2 gold ingots
Hyperface.png HyperSilence Rigging horse races Gold ingot.png x2 gold ingots


"thank god woj made westernmere"
Retro thankful for Westernmere

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