The Valentine's Poem was a book written by Rolo during Dragonhollow's Second Era.

The poem was a rhyming meme-filled ode to Valentine's Day.


Second Era

Fifth Era—Present


Roses are red
The Tardis is blue,
just like my heart until I met you.

I would take an arrow in the knee for you anyday
I would travel to middle earth just to hear what you say.

I'll be your compassion cube
even when the cake is a lie.
I would fight for you even if I couldn't respawn, if I would die.

Equivalent exchange,
half your heart to me,
half my heart to you.

You're the Zelda to my Link,
the Peach to my Mario.
You're my superhero,
The H2 to my O.

My heart is like Tetris
and you're the right piece.
Beam me up, Scotty
straight to your heart with ease.

My heart is a car and you committed grand theft auto
I don't want to be like Han, celebrating this day 'Solo.'

You're my Pikachu
I choose you,
will you choose me too?

Give this to your Valentine, or to the one you love dearly.
From me to you, have a great Valentines Day!"

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