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"Boo's base at summergate is called Turn-About Ranch."

Turn-About Ranch was a horse ranch in the Summerlands during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

It served as the home of Boo, who raised horses there both for herself and her close companion Sharkberries.

The ranch was located east of Summergate on the southeast fork of Summer Stream between Castle Black and Gimpley's Grounds, due south of Neon Beach. It was reached by crossing a footbridge built by Boo just beyond Dravana's nest, though access was also possible from the East Road and from the west across another bridge constructed by Gimpley.

The most prominent buildings were the large high-roofed wood-and-brick barn housing the horse stables and a smaller flat-roofed living quarters for Boo. Adjacent were facilities to test the speed and jumping strength of horses.

Turn-About Ranch also had a fully-functional zombie XP farm, an automated sugarcane farm, a villager farm, a map wall, subterannean crop gardens and livestock pens, and a violet beacon that provided the entire area with health regeneration and improved strength.

At the First Eastbrook Races on Timeline#4E:148, both Boo and Shark rode horses that she reared at Turn-About Ranch. Boo's Sven placed 6th and Shark's mare finished in 9th place. Dolphin later somehow acquired Sven from the ranch and moved him to Neon Beach.

Cambrid Field, the sprawling estate of Sharkberries, could be reached from the ranch through a labyrinth of stone passages deep underground.

During the Fall of Summer, the magic seals imbued by the golden shovel failed and the protections for Turn-About Ranch evaporated. On 4E:412, Gabault destroyed her residence with high explosives.


Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Turn-About Ranch is a residential treatment center for troubled teens in Escalante, Utah, frequently featured on the talk show Dr. Phil.