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"Oh, how naive was I as it was that decision that cemented my arrival to a community known as Dragonhollow."
Tohbeh in The POV of Yb_ot

Tohbeh, often simply called Toby, was a veteran of Dragonhollow first active during the Second Era.

As a member of the Justice League, he fought in the Northham Wars against the dreaded Dragonslayers and was the mayor of their castle town of Haven.

In the Fourth Era, he was part of the hunting party that slew the Ender Trinity and bonded with the dragon Leviathan. He later founded Ashford and the Burrow.

Tohbeh was also an accomplished writer, authoring several books and publishing the Northham Gazette, the Dragonhollow Recap, and the Dragonhollow Newsletter.

After extraordinary success in difficult circumstances— becoming the first person in Hallowmere to acquire diamonds, construct an enchanting table, and establish a brewery—Eris awarded him the venerated title of Lucky Bastard.