The Leader's Etiquette is a treatise on the finer points of leadership authored by Pi.

While it makes no specifc mention of any individuals, Nut alleged that it was a veiled response to his falling out with Elite. Though they had been friends since their days in Pi Hole during the Second Era, Elite killed him under suspicion of sabotaging Sanctuary on the orders of the Dragonslayers. The two waged a war of words through the community forum and Pi simultaneously published The Leader's Etiquette.

Pi brushed off the implication and stated the book was addressed to every leader and would-be leader of Dragonhollow.


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There are many leaders in DH and you can be one too, but to be an efficient leader there is an etiquette you must follow.

1. I shall not kill my teammates unless necessary, scheduled, or is fine with victim.

2. I shall be fair and not be biased of one individual.

3. I shall hold authority over needs but not be a dictator.

4. I shall never boast over my treasures.

5. I shall always do what is right.

Follow these 5 rules and you will be an efficient leader.

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