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The Ballad of Ed was a book written by Caleb.

It told the story of young Ed Ville Jr.'s quest to escape the tyranny of AJ by traveling to Swampwater.


Second Era

  • Redwood Gardens Library
  • Woodlands Museum

Fifth Era—Present

  • Memoriam on Mnemosyne


Chapter 1: Beyond the North

It's cold in the north.

From his Hightower farm shack Ed can see nothing but tall spruce and flower forest. His father is out caring for the animals while his mother Anne is doing her daily routine which includes rounds at the local food market.

Today is not an ordinary day though. Today it seems.. different. In the distance clouds are gathering and it is certain that a storm is rising, but not you're typical storm. Only in legends had the young Ed heard of such terror's. The rise of the Pigmen.

Knowing well that the village to the south has not been secretive about they're ventures into the forbiden Nether, danger was closing in on Hightower and fast. Travel to the Nether was forbiden and put into the criminal code in 2012 AN. This was a law set in place by Queen Acey of the North before Aj's conquest to take over the two kingdoms of Dragon Hallow. Some outlaw villagers however still practice the dark arts, building Nether portals, conjuering potions. But acts such as these would now put the lives of others in danger.

King Aj, once an outcast of the demon spawner village KilThou who had dreams of power and evil started a rebellion which would take Queen Acey off her seat and put him in the ultimate position of power.

Chapter 2: To What Comes Next

Ed Ville Junior, promissing student, great athlete, dreams of the open sea.

Ed was a head sailor on the Hightower school sailing team. On this day, he could not think of the good things. Sounds of screams from the south and the fresh scent of ash in the air. Potent, disgusting smells filled Ed's nose as he ran into the tool shed. There he found his fathers diamond axe. Grasping the handle he ran to find his father. He was down at the wheat field, which is south of the barn.

He found himself moving faster now, his heart was racing. At first sight he had hope, but the feeling of terror and sadness filled Ed as he watched his father die. Herds of pigmen were flowing over the grass coated hills. The village bell rang, children cried.

Ed made way for the school, where he had was praying to see his dear friends who survived and could sail off with him. But luck was not with Hightower that day, only death.

A lonely Ed set of on a ship, a small modest ship, a ship that would shape history for days to come. Made of the finest jungle and the strongest spruce the north has to offer. Redstone floors mark the pride of the North, built for speed and stealth. The SS Swearing Pharaoh was now commanded by Capt. Ed Ville Junior.

Chapter 3: Where Water Ends

Ed had sailed many times before. The ways of the water were a formilliar thing to him, not a lot of water to drink, not a lot of food to eat and not a lot to sea. A man can loose himself on the water if he is not careful, but Ed is more then careful.

He knew things not a lot of young sailors knew. Such as the fact that King Aj's food and water supply ships that bring supplys to the giant nether portal on the west ocean cost will have to sail directly past Still Water Bay to reach they're destination.

Hiding the Pharoh inside a mountain cover Ed quickly makes a plan to board one of the ships and make off with enough supplys for him to finish his journey. The ships approached as Ed swam under water coming up for air ever so slowly every five minutes.

Ed was slim and able to fit through the hatch under the ship. He knew he had to hurry before the ship sailed to far away from the cove where he had hidden the Pharoh. Filling a few travelling chests he made off with his goods.

Everything seemed fine in the days to come except Ed could not get past not knowing what happend to his mother. It kept him awake at night, not that he got much sleep anyway being the only man aboard the ship. There was a lot that needed to be handled.

Hoping soon he would find a place that is far from the reach of King Aj's evil paws. He had never heard of such a place though, not even whispers. Only dreams of it being real is what drove Ed to find his promise land. A wish he shall receive.

Chapter 4: Swampwater

Not much is known as to how Ed ended up in Swampwater but it is said that on a cloudy morning a ship was spotted slowly approaching the docks. He was stopped and searched before he was granted permission to enter.

He set his anchor down and began a life in Swampwater. Building a small house on the outskirts of town, which eventually grew into a good size farming buisness which Ed is able to support himself on. Some say it is the most beautiful property in all of Swampwater.

However there are rumors that things were not always easy for Ed. It is said that one night King Aj found Ed and molested him for his treason. Running from Hightower is the death sentance under Aj's rule. Instead he had his way with Ed, in return for some wool his life was spared.

Now Ed sells horses, potatoes, carrots, multi-color wool and much more. Granting gifts to people that visit him is something Ed is widely known for. He is a vein in the heart of Swampwater, and a role model to all the towns youth. Often donating to charitys and helping with projects.

The odd part is, no one has ever laid eyes upon Ed. Only tales and whispers of travellers. To the Citizens of Swampwater though this means nothing, They know Ed exists because they have seen his acts first hand.

You can find the Swearing Pharaoh in the Water just behind the airship docks. Where it remains after Ed being told to stop before he was able to reach the docks. You can also find Ed Ville in the dessert on the boarder of the forest.

The End