Super Speed Potion
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Fifth Era—Present


Token Underground
Hyper Dungeons




Speed.png Speed XI (2:00)


gotta go fast

Retro: so they have spinbot + speedhax
Retro: we don't stand a chance
Tox: I died w/ a super speed potion effect, still wasn't fast enough lol
Retro and Tox discuss Venomere

The Super Speed Potion was an alchemical mixture that allowed the drinker to move extremely quickly.

Residents under the effects of the Super Speed Potion were 220% faster than normal. Only elytra was faster as a means of travel.

The potion could be purchased from the Token Underground in Blackbourne during the Fifth Era, Tortuga during the Seventh Era, and was found within Ruins and Hyper Dungeons in the Sixth Era and Seventh Era.

Behind the Scenes

Lore description for Super Speed Potion

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

The Super Speed Potion was created by HyperSilence as an item for sale in the Blackbourne Token Underground. It was later incorporated into the Hallowmere loot tables for the Twilight Project.

The lore description, "gotta go fast," is a reference to a Sonic the Hedgehog meme.

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