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"I love it."

The Summergate Post Office was a structure in Summergate that served as a mail system for citizens of Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

It was built and operated by Retro and Tox.

Sprankles, Retro, and Tox had discussed the possibility of building a post office for months but decided to postpone planning and construction until the conclusion of the Summergate Secret Santa.

Two different locations were initially considered. The first, the site of the Secret Santa Christmas tree, was deemed to be too small. A second site on the West Road next to the Pixel Art Museum was chosen instead.

On 4E:356, Tox, Retro, Katie, Hyper, and Rocco began clearing terrain at the site. Construction was completed eight days later on 4E:364. Most of the design came from Tox and Retro working together, though several elements were the result of their individual creativity. Retro was responsible for the redstone mechanisms that powered the post office.

The post office featured mailboxes that could be reserved for free by any citizen of Dragonhollow. Though they alone could access their box's contents, anyone could leave them letters or gifts. A citizen was notified that they had mail via a glowing red indicator light. After reserving a box, citizens could submit a personal banner that would be hung on the wall. Written books, stamps, and blank banners could be purchased from Postman Pat, the mail clerk.

Sprankles was the first citizen to claim a mailbox.

Katie, HyperSilence, and Rocco donated their time in helping with parts of the Post Office. MrJevie, Rolo, wickedestccb, Sensei, zerg, and Jinx provided materials either through donation or trade.

Box Owners

"what the heckie is this?"
Shark, upon first seeing the Post Office

Retroface Retro
Toxface Tox
Spranksface Sprankles
Aceyface Acey
Hyperface HyperSilence
Katieface Katie
Dolphinface Dolphin
Terryface Terry
Jevieface MrJevie
Maccaface macca
Pandaface Panda
Gabface Gabault
Wojface wojcik15
Tobyface Tohbeh
Sharkface MrSharkberries
Booface Boo
Jinxface Jinx
Printface Print
Roccoface Rocco
Mudkipface Mudkip
Nutface Nut
Kyface Ky
Gioface terrorgio
Jrodface Jrod
Belleface Southern_Belle
Wickedface wickedestccb
Noface RadarRick
Noface Maeganite
Noface Black0ut


"Your tax dollars at work."

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