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"I love it."

Summergate Post Office served as a mail system for the citizens of Dragonhollow's Fourth Era

Mailboxes could be reserved for free by any resident of the Summerlands. Though they alone could access their box's content, anyone could drop in items. Owners were notified that they had mail via a glowing red indicator light. They were encouraged to design and submit personal banners to be hung above their boxes.

Written books, stamps, and blank banners could be purchased from Postman Pat, the mail clerk.



Retro: I feel like too much quartz will feel like a weird mix of cathedral/political building
Retro: like a christian science church
Tox: not to mention Summergatey
Retro: yeah
Retro: also that
Tox: Tom Cruise probably has some quartz we could borrow
Tox: if we turn this into a Scientology church
Retro: I heard his name was actually L. Ron Hoyabembe
Retro: and he was a black man
Tox: that is blasphemy and I'll not tolerate it
Retro and Tox discuss designs

Rocco and Katie excavate the construction site

Retro and Tox had discussed plans with Sprankles for a new post office somewhere in the Summerlands but decided to postpone construction until the conclusion of their Summergate Secret Santa event.

Two different locations were initially considered. The first, a section of Summer Park that hosted the Secret Santa tree, was deemed to be too small. A second site on the West Road next to the Pixel Art Museum was chosen instead.

On 4E:356, Tox, Retro, Katie, and Rocco began clearing terrain at the site.

Retro experimented with various redstone mechanisms for the mailbox backend before settling on a compact 2x5x6 design. Katie submitted a floor pattern that utilized dark prismarine, but Retro and Tox eventually settled on white stained clay with a polished granite border.

Both men wanted to use quartz as the defining architectural element of the post office so as to stylistically complement Summergate Town Hall, but they felt their design needed a strong secondary color scheme to break up the palette's uniformity. They chose red brick because neither had much experience building with it and felt it might be interesting to work with.

Construction took place over eight days. The bulk of the required materials were provided by Retro and Tox. Retro discovered the Guardian Trench, first of the Hyper Dungeons in Dungeon Quest, while he and Tox were diving for clay deposits to smelt into brick for use in the Post Office construction.

Most of the post office came from Tox and Retro working closely together, though several elements were the result of their individual creativity. They collaborated on the superstructure, the ceiling, and the main concourse. Tox was responsible for the glassed-in endcaps at the edge of each wing, the water fountain, the upper atrium, and the canopied pavilion entrances of both wings. Retro handled the glass dome, the atrium's back wall, the lion's share of the roof, and the twin columns out front.

Retro leaps between columns, with High Yield XP grinder looming above

Katie was responsible for the exterior landscaping, planting flowers and sculpting the back-lit reflecting ponds out front.

The project received considerable support from the community. Jevie, Jinx, Rolo, Wicked, Sensei, and Zerg provided materials either through donation or trade. HyperSilence, the Archpriest of Eris, used the magical abilities vested in him by the Goddess of Discord to put two upside-down pigmen in display cases within the entrance columns and staff a kiosk in the atrium with a mail clerk, Postman Pat.


"Your tax dollars at work"

Summergate Post Office officially opened to the public on 4E:364 and was celebrated with fireworks and cake donated from the confectionery stockpile at 381 Swampian Lane.

Sprankles became the first resident to claim a mailbox, though many others soon followed.

Sharkberries, Jinx, and Boo visit the Post Office

The post office was mentioned in the Fourth Issue of the Dragonhollow Newsletter, though it mistakenly directed would-be travelers to the East Road rather than the West.

When Eris repaired the grounded airships and reopened the aerial route between Summergate and Snowcrest, a mysterious benefactor dropped 5 airship tickets into every mailbox.

MaccaMan published a post office guide entitled The Mail Basics.

To celebrate Valentine's Day on 4E:378, Boo and Shark left personalized Valentines in every mailbox at the post office.

On 4E:412, a marauding gang of bandits led by Nut irreparably damaged the post office during the Fall of Summer and it was further reduced to rubble in the days that followed.

Box Owners

"what the heckie is this?"
Sharkberries, upon first seeing the Post Office

Retroface.png Retro
Toxface.png Tox
Spranksface.png Sprankles
Aceyface.png Acey
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Wickedface.png Wicked
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