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Acey: gimme someone to kill and you'll see my blade xD
Acey: ... I have one that's all enchantment X
Spud: kill hyper lol
HyperSilence was slain by AceyXx using [Goddess' Blade]
HyperSilence: LOL
HyperSilence: that blade tho
Eris sets an example with Strife

Strife, also known as the Goddess' Blade, was the adamantine sword of Eris.

It was the greatest blade ever forged in Dragonhollow, capable of killing most men and monsters with a single blow and possessing every possible sword enchantment, even those that were mutually exclusive to mere mortals.

Strife was soulbound, meaning only Eris could carry it. The sword was reforged in the Fifth Era to add the Sweeping Edge and Mending enchantments, increasing damage dealt and making it self-repairing.

According to Cupid's Story, Eris used the sword to behead Cupid upon the altar of Mudwyrm on Valentine's Day. She would later wield it against her own people during the Goddess' Challenge at Castle Thanatos.

On 3E:95, Eris publicly demonstrated the power of Strife by killing HyperSilence in one swift stroke.

In the Fourth Era Strife was discovered in Hyperion, though some suspected it was a forgery constructed by the Archpriest HyperSilence, since he had gone to great lengths during the Hyperhollow period to style himself as the spiritual equal of Eris—building Shinigami across from her walled estate Megaminoshi, announcing his arrival with a thunderclap heard around the planet, and eventually wearing Acey's head like a mask.

Like many priceless artifacts from Dragonhollow, Strife was later preserved in the Dragonhollow Historical Society's Memoriam storehouse.


2019-07-16 00.44.28.png

The goddess of discord sends her regards

Unbreaking X
Smite X
Sharpness X
Knockback X
Bane of Arthropods X
Looting X
Fire Aspect X
Sweeping Edge X

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

The lore, “The goddess of discord sends her regards,” is a reference to the television show Game of Thrones and the book series it was based upon, A Song of Ice and Fire. The words “Jaime Lannister sends his regards” are spoken by Roose Bolton at the Red Wedding before killing Robb Stark; of course, in this case, the goddess of discord refers to Acey herself.

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