"He was here from the beginning, or very near to it.

Starsgream was one of Dragonhollow's oldest surviving veterans.

He held the distinction of being the only citizen of the First Era to have survived without a single death, even during the First Bloodmoon crisis that destroyed Lakeview Village. His method was the subject of a survival guide written by Tox called The Starsgream Strategy.

Starsgream was the first to discover a stronghold in the Woodlands, though much to his chagrin the end portal was blocked by a magical seal put in place by Eris. Because it was not a gateway to the Hollow, the normal restriction on claiming strongholds with the golden shovel did not apply. As a result, he controlled all three strongholds in the Woodlands in the hopes that Eris would remove the barriers, but she never did.

He participated in the Swampwater Restoration Project and the TFC Challenge. He also volunteered for the Northham Restoration Project.

In the years that followed, Starsgream would occasionally visit Dragohollow but never stayed for long. He declined to participate in the Dragonhollow Historical Society's Dragonomicon Project, thinking it was weird as hell.

During the Seventh Era, he built his home not far from the terminus of the Hammerlands Railway's South Line, a sprawling underground warren of workshops and confusing tunnels. While he never regained his survivalist dominance from the First Era, Starsgream did enjoy some success in the Hammerlea Survivor competition, finishing fifth in the second contest, eighth in the third contest, and fifth in the fourth contest.

Starsgream's final project was the construction of Starsfall, a castle perched upon a floating island some sixteen kilometers from Hammerlea.

After the disappearance of Dragonhollow, he visited Enova but found it too quiet for his tastes. Starsgream would eventually answer HyperSilence's call and migrate to the colony on Halfast during the Eighth Era, settling in a snowy mountain range.


"i am gonna be like star the next time round >_< he is too op man seriously -_-"

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