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"lol was reading about the shutdown and now ill be like why bother building anything :S"
Starsgream abandons Starsfall

Starsfall was an unfinished castle in the Hammerlands during Dragonhollow's Seventh Era.

It was built by Starsgream on a natural floating island sixteen kilometers southeast of Hammerlea, looking out on open ocean. The aerial island hovered sixty meters above a village that Stars developed for raw materials.

Carved directly from the island's rock formations which were shaped into stone brick, Starsfall was a modest castle with a narrow facade flanked by two towers. Large dual banners displaying Starsgream's colors hung from the crenellations.

The interior contained tiny living quarters, storage, an enchanting room, and a secure Nether portal with a button trigger.

A flat grass courtyard esplanade stretched out in front of the castle, concealing a variety of crop farms laid out in a tunnel just below ground.

Construction ceased when Starsgream evacuated the planet on 7E:97 after the Hegemon Retro announced that Nyx—the dreaded “Eternal Night”—was just weeks away.