Southern Belle: so no regen at spawn anymore?
Tox: nope, Acey's evil
Southern Belle: I agree!!
—Discussing Sanctuary

Southern Belle, often shortened to just Belle, was a citizen of Dragonhollow's Fourth and Fifth eras.

She arrived in Summergate on 4E:354 and helped her close friend Wicked restore and renovate Red Crown, turning the property into a beautiful hilltop castle visible from anywhere on the East Road.

Belle was married to Radar Rick. As a skinchanger she would often switch bodies to Maeganite when with her husband.

She owned two mailboxes at the Summergate Post Office.

Her home was reduced to rubble by bands of brigands during the Fall of Summer and she declined to join many of the Summerlands refugees in the Badlands.

In the Fifth Era she traveled to Pandora and became a member of the Dragon Hunters, though she preferred to be in the same clan as her friend Wicked. Nevertheless, the two still built a walled estate with a tower keep not far from Hunter's Home.


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