Retro: what does that do?
Tox: whenever you hit an enemy it makes various Mr. Freeze puns, like "ice to meet you" and "cool party"
HyperSilence: lmfao
Retro: I don't believe you :P
—Residents discuss the Snowcrest Sword of Ice

The Snowcrest Sword of Ice was an enchanted sword purchased in the Snowcrest Underground during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

Unique among weapons, it had the power to freeze enemies in place for several seconds, making them more vulnerable to attack. Unfortunately, the magical area of effect also reflected back upon the wielder, slowing them down considerably as well. Though augmented with Sharpness II, the Sword of Ice was immune to further enchantment, making it a rather weak choice in anything but single combat.

The Snowcrest Sword of Ice sold for 300 Tokens.

In the his treatise Pantheon, Tox speculated that the weapon had been crafted for Ymir and classified it as part of Ymir's Set. He occasionally used the blade as a tool to entrap and pacify prisoners in the Tox Box.

A special variant of the Sword of Ice was created by HyperSilence and kept at Hyperion. Unlike those sold in the Snowcrest Underground, his own bore Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Knockback II, Looting III, and Fire Aspect II enchantments that made it far more powerful.


Tox: I should buy this, never tried it out
Tox: "Snowcrest Sword of Ice"
Terry: Oh cool
Tox buys the Snowcrest Sword of Ice

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