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Snowcrest was a town located upon the northern shore of Everfroze.

It was designed and built by Eris and first discovered by explorers in the Fourth Era during the Search for Snowcrest. The town served as an economic center for some time until the airships were grounded, turning it into something of a ghost town. Despite the eventual restoration of flight and the construction of several access roads, traffic to Snowcrest remained infrequent.


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When the airships were grounded on 4E:186, many citizens found themselves cut off from Snowcrest and its unique attractions and markets. As a result, the demand for teleport scrolls skyrocketed, allowing a number of merchants with large stocks to profit greatly from the inconvenience. Eventually, Sedron established a horse path through Hell from his Black Church to Snowcrest. Sometime later, Toby stated his intent to build a surface road to the frozen continent.

Points of Interest


The quickest means of travel to Snowcrest is via a teleport scroll, which can be crafted using a token purchased from a vendor inside Snowcrest's Town Hall. Visitors can also purchase airship tickets from ticket salesmen at the docks in Snowcrest and Summergate. Those with horses can use Sedron's Hellroad, accessible from a portal inside the Black Church in Trance Swamp.

Lastly, adventurous travellers can simply journey there on foot using BurgerDaddy's road.