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Sky Stardust: 100 dead :D party
arcanist_XxX: doesn't she deserve a reward for the 100th death
arcanist_XxX: like her head on a pedestal with the description of worst player on this server
Sky Stardust: thx for the complimentss ^^
Sky Stardust: love you to
Sleekit: shabbily cruel i'd say
Sky Stardust: he's just jalous of my 100 deads...
Wiz: I am
Sleekit: agreed
Sky Stardust proud of her 100 deaths

Sky Stardust was a resident of Dragonhollow during the Seventh Era.

She arrived in Sanctuary via airship on 7E:6.

Sky settled along the banks of the River Lethe not far from the Hammerlands Railway's East Line. There she started work on Stardust Shores, a residential complex featuring a multitude of architecture including an elaborate network of platforms spiraling around the trunks and nestled in the canopies of towering jungle trees.

Construction progressed slowly, marred by the Hammerlands' dearth of iron and deadly wilderness. In Sky's first three weeks of building she suffered over one hundred deaths, a milestone that led to some teasing from her fellow residents. Nevertheless, at one point she managed to stay alive for sixteen consecutive days to earn a top twenty finish in the first Hammerlea Survivor competition.

On 7E:26, she was slain by the vicious Caerbannog.

Sky suspended work for two weeks while she attended to off-world business.

On 7E:44, her claim expired and looters scavenged what they could from Stardust Shores. To protect the structure itself, Sleekit took over the property so as to hold it in trust until she returned.

Sky did return on 7E:48 and was puzzled to find that though she could access her chests, the property no longer belonged to her. Starsgream and Tox tried to explain that Sleekit had done her a favor and it was only temporary. Even Wiz, Sleekit's enemy due to the ongoing Scylfings-Overkingdom War, came to his defense and assured her that the man would return her home if she asked.

Nevertheless, Sky misinterpreted her missing valuables as a theft by Sleekit and criticized Dragonhollow itself, questioning what kind of planet would let thieves steal belongings and buildings. Though she said she would return, no one saw her ever again.

Sky never applied for citizenship and remained a visitor.


damn Sky Stardust is da real MVP, way to put in some newbie effort