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MrCedric: oh whoa
Tox: That's Hyper's place, also done in the Japanese style. And a beacon using the same exact red-orange-red color as mine. Derivative bastard.
MrCedric: lol
Tox: But yeah, it looks awesome.
Tox and MrCedric visit Shinigami

Shinigami was a pagoda built by HyperSilence, located across from Megaminoshi in the Summerlands.

It existed as a very visible reminder of his power as Archpriest, symbolically gazing eye-to-eye at the residence of Dragonhollow's creator goddess Eris.

However, Hyper was later drawn away from the world for a time and the powerful magical seals that preserved the tower decayed and then dissipated completely.

All that remained after Shinigami vanished

Realizing it was vulnerable, Panda executed a daring raid on Shinigami in Hyper's absence, claiming its beacon as treasure as he had with Hyper's residence in Summergate. Paranoid over possible repercussions, he sold the beacon to Tox for a handful of Snowcrest Teleport Scrolls.

After many months in universes far away, he returned to restore order in the name of Eris. One of his first acts was to return Shinigami to its former state of glory. The protective seals were reestablished and a new orange beacon shone into the sky.

Hyper would later undergo an apotheosis to become a demigod, second only to Eris in ability and stature within the Pantheon. After announcing a glorious age of activity and progress, he constructed a new secluded stronghold far from Summergate known as Hyperion.

Shinigami in Hyperion

At some point, the pagoda vanished and reappeared on one of Hyperion's floating islands, presumably torn from the ground itself and transported there by Hyper's newfound power. Left behind was little more than a few structural elements upon an empty podzol plain.

Shinigami served as Hyper's official residence for the remainder of the Fourth Era and because of its isolation and elevation it survived the Fall of Summer. Nevertheless, it was abandoned by its master after he joined Eris and many of Dragonhollow's residents in their journey to the Badlands.


Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Shinigami means "god of death" in Japanese. The name was coined by Tox as a reference to Megaminoshi, which means "goddess of death."