"Building and exploring is all i do."

Sharkberries, informally known simply as Shark, was an artist, veteran of Dragonhollow, co-mayor of Leirion and Iolanthe, and Prince of Camillia.

He was best known for his enduring friendship with Boo and their playful nature, often silently sneaking up on fellow citizens—sometimes while invisible or wearing the heads of monsters—and then surprising them in a harmless jump scare before dropping flowers at their feet, though not everyone in the tense, high-stakes community appreciated their lighthearted fun.

In later years, Sharkberries practiced a sort of organic architecture that sought harmony between structures and their surroundings, making use of existing landscapes rather than terraforming and integrating his designs with nature so that they appeared to exist as part of the same unified composition.


Early Life

"BooXBunny and MrSharkBerries...The welcoming committee of DH"

Sharkberries arrived in the Swamplands via airship on 2E:147. Liking what he saw, he extended an invitation to his friend Boo who joined him the following day.

Together they established Lil' Tunder, a quaint hamlet several hundred meters northwest of Swampwater. Shark had his own two-story house there.

Sharkberries and Boo pick flowers together

He applied for and received citizenship on 2E:152 and obtained his Passport enabling travel to the Woodlands soon afterward.

Lil' Thunder's proximity to Swampwater occasionally drew visitors with bad intentions. They came under attack by local bandits such as Calp0l and Elite, but these skirmishes allowed Shark to hone his skills in battle and unknowingly prepare himself for the violence to come in the Third Era.


Deztro: for some reason shark and bunny creep the hell out of me.
Deztro: when i'm at spawn they crouch circles around me giving me flowers
Deztro: I'm like man are you already throwing flowers for my funeral or something?
Deztro: feel like I'm bout to be whacked
Deztro unsettled by Sharkberries and Boo

In the Third Era, Sharkberries and Boo adapted quickly to the inhospitable landscape and cutthroat culture present in the Northlands.

They founded the town of Leirion in a savanna plain half a kilometer north of Northham. Facing raids by opportunistic bandits, they armored the buildings against intrusion and built a series of interconnected self-contained farms underground to avoid having to spend too much time out in the open. He would eventually welcome Coke and Cherrycola to live and work there.

Shark was the co-mayor of Leirion, a town in the Northlands

Though he had deliberately remained neutral in the Northham Wars that raged across the land, Shark was nonetheless forced to fight when Leirion found itself in the crosshairs of the dreaded Dragonslayers led by his old foe Calp0l. Unfortunately, after losing his head to Spud they mounted it as a trophy in their Hall of Shame.

The region remained dangerous even after the Northham Wars ended with the execution of the Dragonslayers and the eternal enslavement of their souls by Grim. Leirion suffered attacks from Elite, Panda, Tohbeh, and others most often drawn in by the verbal antagonism of Cherrycola despite Boo's best attempts at diplomacy.

Shark became an honorary member of the Northham Preservation Society when he helped Boo seed an oak forest north of the city, improving the local ecology and providing newcomers with a safe source of timber in the otherwise barren Northlands.

Shark and Boo climb the airship ladder in Northham

After Zerg's disappearance, Shark and Boo secured his gargantuan underground stronghold Zerus on 3E:137. Because Zerg had avoided fighting in the Northham Wars by covertly supplying the Dragonslayers, the base was bursting with vast riches untouched by warfare. When he returned a month later, they graciously offered to give the property back but he declined, preferring to start over fresh and allowing them to keep his treasures. Overnight, Shark became one of the wealthiest citizens in Dragonhollow.

When VideoGameDragon ominously announced his Day of Death murder spree to take place on 3E:151, he named Shark as one of only three people who would be spared his wrath because he had been kind to him.

He was a contributor to the Maccadamia project.

On 3E:181, Shark attended the Northham Town Hall Meeting where Eris announced her plans for the coming Fourth Era. Despite previously receiving assurances that Leirion would remain accessible, he learned that the Northlands would be abandoned in favor of a vibrant new land unspoiled by total war.

Visiting Other Worlds

"you scared the shit out of me boo and shark"

When Eris made the abrupt decision to turn the planet into a totalitarian dystopia known as Wyvernhollow and usher in a new Dark Age, Sharkberries was dismayed to find that his name was not on the exclusive White List that permitted entry.

He joined the exodus known as the Scattering that sent many across the stars into the Void searching for a new home. He spent some time on Apex.

Shark eventually accepted an invitation from former Dragonslayer HyperSilence to join his fellow refugees in establishing a new colony on Cabbage, the lone moon of Dragonhollow.


I never really went anywhere with them, but sometimes I would peep on them peeping on other peeps o.O Also I think I took over their claim at the end of summergate and was pretty confused/impressed with their build :D
Retro recalls Sharkberries and Boo

Sharkberries returned to Dragonhollow on 4E:1 after hearing the call from Eris to return home and be welcomed into the warm, safe, and inviting Summerlands.

He built Cambrid Field along the East Road and the Summergate Railway's East Line. He worked on it as a labor of love throughout the Fourth Era until it was one of the most fascinating places in the region.

Sharkberries crosses the finish line in the First Eastbrook Races at Eastbrook Raceway

Shark received his veteran tags on 4E:48.

He unsuccessfully tried to hatch a dragon egg laid by Moondancer which Sprankles had displayed as a trophy inside the Compound, causing it to teleport somewhere unseen and become lost forever. Shark was remorseful and heavy-hearted with sorrow because Sprankles had been very kind to he and Boo. To make amends, he sent a written apology and gifts as repayment. Tox would later give Sprankles a replacement dragon egg from Vermilion as a present in the Summergate Secret Santa.

He and Boo discovered the ancient city of Snowcrest on 4E:137 and were formally granted the rank of Explorer.

Shark participated in the First Eastbrook Races on 4E:148 and finished 9th in the two-lap horse race. While in attendance, he and Boo started the Bannerhat fashion fad.

He owned a mailbox at the Summergate Post Office.

At some point, Shark traveled offworld to Outsider and joined the community of Astor, a town built by Dragonhollow citizens and expats.

On 4E:337, Tox took Shark and Boo on an tourist expedition to see some of the region's landmarks and lesser known locations. Despite encountering strange time distortions caused by a resurgent Black Claim, they took the Southwest Road to Villam Maris and Wright's Bridge, then explored the East Road before boarding the Summergate Railway at Whistlestop and making visits to Mos Aurum and Bearcote Key before ending the night atop Tarsonis.

He had a grave at Summergate Sematary and was a recipient of Requiescat, a series of memorial messages to the dead written by Tox.

Sharkberries and Boo sneaking up on Sprankles at his Summergate Compound

On 4E:378, Boo and Shark celebrated Valentine's Day by sending Valentines to every resident with a mailbox at the Summergate Post Office.

Shark attended the Second Eastbrook Races on 4E:391 and was placed in charge of operating the starting gates by the event host HyperSilence.

In his unannounced absence, Cambrid Field was raided by scavengers after the magical seals provided by the golden shovel failed. Retro secured the property to prevent further vandalism. Through Boo, Shark was able to open a channel of communication with him and regain control of the residence.

After the first assault on the Ender Trinity deep within the Hollow failed, Shark joined the second hunting party to fight the dragon trio on 4E:399. He served a vital support role despite being killed by Ymir several times. When Boo struck down Night Fury, Shark claimed her egg as a prize which he christened “Philip.” Having learned from past mistakes, he kept it secure and out of sight in his ender chest.

During the Fall of Summer, the magic seals imbued by the golden shovel failed and the protections for Cambrid Field evaporated. On 4E:412, bandits pillaged the area and destroyed it with high explosives.

Shark chose not to travel to the Badlands with Boo at the end of the Fourth Era.


Boo: Can we come visit? :D
Tox: I'm at your place! :D
Tox: here, have a dragon head
Sharkberries: Thank you!
Tox: sure!
Tox: do you have a lever?
Sharkberries: i have some
Tox: put it next to the dragon head, then turn the lever on
Tox: it'll flap its jaw like it's talking :D
Sharkberries: 10/10
Tox: hahaha
Sharkberries meets his first talking dragon

Sharkberries was present when Sanctuary arrived over Pandora on 5E:1.

He was inducted into the Dragonkin by Eris. As they were in competing Dragon Clans, rather than be forced to go separate ways through their corresponding Dragon Gates, Shark and Boo chose to travel through the All Clans Gate and make their way into the new land together.

They settled in Freetown, a neutral community that welcomed residents regardless of clan affiliation. There, they built Arcadia, a breathtaking estate in the mountains nestled between Community Tower and Heartreach.

Sharkberries was a member of the Dragonkin, as depicted in this artwork he created

He had a mailbox at the Wyvern Pointe Post Office.

On 5E:103, Shark embarked on a several day journey of exploration with Boo and Tox. Starting at Freetown, they went east across the ocean to the Roach Motel and Clay Canyon before following Hyperion's network of Space Needles north to Jinxion. Later they took Sanctuary's Frostburn Gate to reach the second All Clans Gate by way of Wyvern Pointe. They visited points of interest in Outer Pandora, including Norwich, the Spidey Dungeon, and Shady Thicket before ending the expedition at Rain House.

He finished 10th in the fifth contest of the Pandora Survivor competition and 10th in the eighth contest, setting his all-time record at 64 consecutive days without suffering death.

Shark produced a series of three artworks depicting each of the Dragon Clans.

In cooperation with their fellow residents, Shark and Boo developed Freetown into the most vibrant and active community in all of Pandora.

On 5E:110, Boo and Shark joined the race to discover Eyeland but were forced to turn back after suffering casualties.

He expressed interest in participating in the Clan Olympics that were to be hosted by Jinx, but the sporting event was canceled when Eris opened Pandora's Box on 5E:319. In the ensuing chaos, raiders from the Zaeric imperium ransacked Arcadia before it was devastated by the disintegration wave emanating from the Box itself.


Sharkberries: Heyy
Sharkberries: How are you doing?
Alec: I am doing well how about you
Sharkberries: Pretty good, building bridges
Retro: sweet
Retro: what kind of bridge you making?
Tox: perhaps it's a metaphor for strengthening the bonds between members of our fair community
Retro: :P
Sharkberries: nah just a lil bridge
Tox: welp
Tox don't I look silly now
—Building bridges

Boo and Sharkberries share a boat

Sharkberries arrived in Hardship on 6E:1 but too late to be considered a Hallowmere Pioneer. Like many residents, Shark found life in Hallowmere rather tedious and unrewarding, choosing to limit his time there.

With supplies and building materials too tedious and dangerous to gather, he and Boo chose not to construct their own dwelling and instead relied on squatting in empty structures and scavenging whatever they could find. They secured a skeleton spawner from a cave base that once belonged to Reia.

After journeying along Hardship Trail they discovered the abandoned Forest Lodge and made it their home.

When Eris named Retro as her Hegemon and personal representative in Dragonhollow, Shark was cautiously optimistic about the future but he chose not to take a side in the Retrolution uprising against his rule.

He spent less and less time in-world and was last seen in Hallowmere on 6E:111.

Later Activities

Retro: we're actually a few hours away from a new map :P
Sharkberries: I know, me and boo are gonna be involved
Tox: :D
Retro: awesome!
Tox: missed seeing you guys around, looking forward to it
Sharkberries: weve kept up to date in the back
Sharkberries ready for the Hammerlands

Shark lived on a series of floating islands collectively called Siren's Peak

Sharkberries arrived in Hammerlea by way of Sanctuary on 7E:1 and participated in the Hammerlea Scavenger Hunt.

He had a tomb in the Hammerlea Catacombs.

Shark and Boo traveled west on the Hammerlands Railway and made a home on a chain of floating islands that they christened Siren's Peak.

Boo made her final visit on 7E:26, though Shark continued to work on building a house for her until Retro announced the coming arrival of apocalyptic Nyx and the foretold demise of Dragonhollow.

He later provided assistance to Tox for the Dragonomicon encyclopedia and created Go Fetch and Hot-Headed. He was also a member of the faster-than-light communication network Discord.

Some years after the planet vanished from existence, Shark began work on a collection of comics that would chronicle the creation and extensive history of Dragonhollow.


Lex: Sorry exploring sharks place right now
Lex: Its really fucking cool
Sleekit: tiz awsome
Alec: It rly is
Sharkberries: thanks guys
Sharkberries gets high praise

Sharkberries gives a tour of Iolanthe's underground Water Slide to Zerg, Jrod, Alec, and Tox

Sharkberries traveled to the colony on Halfast during the Eighth Era. Together with Boo he built Iolanthe, a village for fisher folk just downriver from Koan.

He began an ambitious effort to renew interest in Halfast and grow the community, beginning with word-of-mouth efforts via Discord and the construction of the Camillia city-state, which would eventually became the planetary capital.

Impressed with his work, he was made an Arbiter of Halfast and entrusted by HyperSilence with the bulk of the design work for the Fish Bowl and the Dueling Arenas. He was also responsible for constructing the lighter-than-air transports Arctic Air and Jungle Jaunt.

Notable Builds

Picture Place Region Notes
2019-05-05 22.52.25.png Lil' Tunder Swamplands A small village near Swampwater
2014-10-19 13.35.34.png Leirion Northlands A town he governed with Boo
2019-06-19 06.01.35.png Cambrid Field Summerlands His large East Road residence
2019-07-14 01.12.34.png Arcadia Pandora A gorgeous estate in Freetown
2019-02-15 04.56.01.png Siren's Peak Hammerlands Residence on a series of connected floating islands
2020-05-02 21.51.33.png Iolanthe Halfast A fisher folk town
2020-05-02 22.36.13.png Fish Bowl Halfast Entrance point for Halfast
2020-05-02 22.19.27.png Camillia Halfast The capital of Halfast
Bonelair.png Dueling Arenas Halfast A site for gladiator games and duels
2020-05-17 03.37.17.png Arctic Air Halfast A hot-air balloon to the tundra
2020-05-27 21.24.14.png Jungle Jaunt Halfast A hot-air balloon to the rainforest


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