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"Come and hear Pastor Ferret talk about Serenity and how you can let your lord and savior Dignity Christ into your heart today. Located at the Summergate Church."

The Serenity Sermons were a series of spiritual seminars held by Pastor Fluffy Ferret at Summergate Church during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

The first event was held on 4E:167 and was attended by a number of interested students including Retro, NeonicDolphin, and Panda. The sermon was well received though they had to endure heckling from Tox, who would periodically shout "SERENITY NOW!" while the pastor was speaking.

Fluffy Ferret held sermons sporadically thereafter whenever she had free time but her congregration dwindled until she was forced to bribe confused newcomers into listening in exchange for carrots.

The Priesthood officially rejected the existence of any deity known as Dignity Christ and reiterated that only continued worship of Eris could bring everlasting salvation, though they stopped short of prohibiting Fluffy Ferret from using their church.