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Retro: what were you planning for the top?
Sprankles: I haven't planned the top. I was thinking a dome, but that would be mighty phallic.
Sprankles talks tops

The Rookery, also called the White Tower, was a tower in the Summerlands during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.

It was constructed by Sprankles on the western outskirts of Summergate, between the West Road and Trance Swamp and within walking distance of the Crossroads Item Shop, Bearcote Hive, and Jevie Town. He referred to it as the White Tower.

After weeks of gathering diorite, the tower superstructure was completed on 4E:359.

The fifty-seven meter tower was a four-tier tapered diorite tower supporting five interior levels. The roof served as an observation platform offering stunning vistas of the central Summerlands. It was tall enough for the upper reaches to accumulate snow.

On 4E:361, while standing at the apex of the Rookery, Retro and Tox glimpsed a sinister shadow that appeared to be the depiction of a great dragon, a harbinger that the Black Claim was resurgent.

Two days later, they used the tower to take a wide photo of their recently completed Summergate Post Office.

Sprankles was unsatisfied with the building and unsure what to do within its walls, leaving it completely empty inside. After the Black Claim corrupted the region he abandoned it entirely.

Blasted ruins of the Rookery during the Fall of Summer

On 4E:390, Jinx took over control of the property and renamed it the Rookery. She began renovations by installing a staircase to service the second level and a scavenged gossamer blue-green beacon. The rest of her plans for the tower were postponed until she finished construction of Dark Castle.

Jinx considered the Rookery as a potential location for the Sacrifice, but rejected it because the lack of direct roads made a community gathering more difficult.

On 4E:412, the Rookery was leveled with explosives during the Fall of Summer by a crew of bandits following Nut.


Sprankles: You've got the white tower, what else do you need?
Jinx: im fixing up the Rookery next
Sprankles: Makes it sound like a bar I couldn't afford to go to.
Sprankles and Jinx discuss the Rookery

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Jinx: i took over the diorite tower and renamed it The Rookery
Jinx: cause it looks like the rook chess piece
Tox: Sprankles would be proud
Jinx explains the name

Jinx chose the name Rookery because the tower resembled a piece in the strategic game of chess.