"You can see if you've got the right stuff in order to strip at The Retro Ferret."

The Retro Ferret was a seedy nightclub owned and operated by Fluffy Ferret and Retro.


"RIP the strip club."

The club was constructed via supplies provided by Retro's multiregional company Retronglomerate, which retained a sizable ownership stake.

Stripper tryouts were held on 4E:169 and after a vile and tawdry competition, Rolo and Tater were eventually hired as the establishment's exotic dancers at a pay rate of one diamond per day.

At some time on or before 4E:303, a fire erupted due to suspected arson though there were no witnesses. The blaze raged for months and left the Retro Ferret a pile of twisted rubble and cinders.

Some suspected that the fire was deliberately set by agents of Retronglomerate in an attempt to recoup their initial investment costs by means of a lucrative insurance settlement.

The Retro Ferret was mentioned in both Death of Print Vol. II and A Clockwork Diamond.


"I'm doing this for the children, okay?"
Rolo, before his stripper tryout

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