HyperSilence: accurate lore on the sword no? lol
Tox: hell yes haha...death by a thousand paper cuts
HyperSilence and Tox discuss Rambro's Slicer

Rambro's Slicer was the diamond blade of Rambro.

Though not the most powerful weapon wielded by a boss in Dungeon Quest II, the unparalleled speed of Rambro allowed him to deliver more damage per second than any of his colleagues, making it a devastating tool in his tiny hands.

The sword was half the standard size.

Because Rambro fell to his death in the Hollow void during Tox's raid on the Eyeland, the Slicer was lost with him and never held by anyone else. Though HyperSilence would later use necromancy to revive him for a duel against Tox, he emerged victorious and kept the blade.

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

HyperSilence created Rambro's Slicer as the primary weapon of Rambro, Hyper Dungeon boss of the Eyeland as part of Dungeon Quest II.

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