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Wiz: I will find one of u soon
Retro: mhmm
Terry: Tox and I are automatically aligned because we're pumpkin dwellers
Retro: yah, you'll have to deal with the punkin brigade
Terry has the back of fellow pumpkiners

The Pumpkin Brigade was a loose federation of Hallowmere residents who lived within giant pumpkins during Dragonhollow's Sixth Era.

Such pumpkins were somewhat rare but offered fantastic accomodations, providing immediate sources of light that couldn't be exstiguished by rain, enough space to establish a workshop, and structural stability immune from fatal cave-ins.

When the basement cellar to Terry's pumpkin became overrun on 6E:15, his federated friend Tox arrived to help him clear it.


Terry: giant pumpkins!
Terry: this is halloween town!
Terry: man fuck houses I'm living in a jack o lantern
Terry discovers a new home
Terryface.png Terry
Toxface.png Tox
Nightscratchface.png Cibrel


"I think I saw your big pumpkin too. It looks so cool."