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"My fans that have followed me and followed me around on. We have all been known as PPRG which stands for Print's Paper Route Gang. And we are setting up a little town as well. It will get bigger with time."

Print's Paper Route Gang, mostly known by its acronym PPRG, was a cult of personality surrounding Print active during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.


"wtf is a pprg"

The group was comprised of a wide variety of men and women with different backgrounds and talents. Some were great builders and tradesmen, some blacksmiths and brewers, and still others hunters and warriors.

Many arrived on or around 4E:101 with Print's arrival in Summergate but members continued to immigrate for months afterward. They mostly settled along the West Road and built a close-knit community that slowly intermingled with the rest of Dragonhollow.

PPRG was the largest active organization in the Summerlands and played an integral role in both its cultural development and economy. Fluffy Ferret authored a popular series of erotic novels called 8 Shades of Acey. Katie operated a large stable and became an important source of talented thoroughbreds. They constructed the West Line of the Summergate Railway. Several members also opened bookstores in Snowcrest.

Though PPRG was generally well-liked and respected, their tenure in Dragonhollow was not without some controversy. Master, a bandit mercenary who arrived with the group, waged a campaign of terror in and around Summergate for some months and while Print did not condone his actions, neither did he condemn them. Furthermore, Fluffy Ferret found herself persecuted by Eris and the Priesthood for using her Snowcrest bookstore as a criminal front for selling illicit narcotics and for continuing to publish her banned books, both considered heresies.

On 4E:127, Elite's GRi declared war on the PPRG for perceived transgressions against them. Though several lives were lost in an early skirmish, the property protections of Eris proved too great an obstacle for GRi to overcome and the conflict ended in stalemate.

PPRG community on the West Road

On 4E:148, members of PPRG attended and participated in the First Eastbrook Races.

With Print's departure from Dragonhollow for Printopia most of his loyalists followed in his stead and PPRG became a mere shell of its former strength. Eventually their holdings along the West Road fell into ruin and the group's material wealth was pillaged by bandits and looters.

Still, some stayed for a time, having grown to consider the Summerlands their true home. Katie assisted Retro and Tox in plans for both the Summergate Post Office and RetroCondo, while Tribal kept his claim deed active until the Black Claim brought about the Fall of Summergate and all of West Road was obliterated by roving gangs of bandit raiders. But the crushing bleakness and unrestricted violence of the Badlands late in the Fourth Era drove the rest to seek sunnier shores elsewhere.

Tater, Bjay, and Print himself would later arrive separately in Pandora during the Fifth Era. As members of the Dragonkin, they settled in Kindred and Sprankleton.


Printface.png Print (Founder and leader)
Xinface.png Xinicide
Katieface.png Katie
Taterface.png Tater
Tribalface.png Tribal
Turtleface.png Turtle
Bjayface.png Bjay
Ferretface.png Fluffy Ferret
Mariface.png MariPikasaur
Black0utface.png Black0ut
Noface.png Rushy
Noface.png DutchLi0n
Noface.png Joshisbeast3245
Noface.png PostUp330
Noface.png tvirus_tm
Noface.png TroubleClef
Noface.png whiskey91
Noface.png dunkindawson

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

MariPikasaur's home from the upper mast of the Tater Freighter


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