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"It's an object that tracks the player closest to you and shows you what direction they're in and how far away."

The Player Tracker was a device allowing users to track the location of other mortals across Dragonhollow during the Seventh Era

The technology was designed in the wake of the Radar Plan by the Hegemon Retro based upon requests from Alec and Wiz for a means of pursuing and finding residents who lived far enough from Hammerlea to make searching for them impractical.

When activated, the Tracker pinpointed the current location of the person closest to them, resulting in a cooldown of ten minutes between uses. The compass needle reported only the target's vector, not their distance or position, so users had no way of knowing how close or far away the target was. When the nearest player was 150 meters away or closer, the Tracker would fail to show their location and produce a notification message, forcing users to either track their targets manually or move further away. The Tracker's given coordinates would be reset and default to the last bed the user slept in if they chose to leave Dragonhollow before finding the target.

Because it marked static fixed positions rather than live real-time location, the tracker was best used to find stationary places like homes instead of trying to pursue a moving target.

The exact method by which the Tracker located the position of targets was unknown, but scholars theorized it probably had something to do with midichlorians. However it worked, the powerful radiation emitted from the Tracker Jammer was able to hide those who carried it from detection by the Tracker.

Like regular compasses, the Tracker ceased functioning within the Nether and Hollow, as neither possessed magnetic fields.

The device could be purchased in Tortuga at the cost of 2000 tokens, making it one of the most expensive items sold there. Wiz was the first person to purchase a tracker, using it to find and then kill GhostlyPink and Chairty on 7E:28. The Scylfings hoped to use it to dominate Hammerlea Survivor by killing off their competition, but those who died the least tended to be among the wealthiest in the Hammerlands and carried Jammers at all times.

As shown by the State of Dragonhollow Survey, the Player Tracker was generally unpopular among the public who felt it gave too many advantages to hunters and was too affordable.

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

The Player Tracker was a custom item developed by Retro, based on requests from Alec and Wiz, and to discourage future shenanigans like the Radar Plan]].

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