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There were many other worlds within the Void.

HyperSilence: I honestly don't like any other [worlds]
HyperSilence: too corrupted compared to here
Tox: agreed
Tox: even without Acey and it being kind of dead, I still love this place

HyperSilence and Tox talk other worlds

A planet or world was a celestial body existing in the universal Void.

The term "world" generally refers to Dragonhollow itself, while other planets are traditionally called by their names.

There was no explanation for the presence of other planets in the official creation myth perpetuated by Eris and her Priesthood, but nor did they explicitly deny their existence. It was forbidden for mortals to publicly help others reach worlds beyond Dragonhollow, but their discussion was permitted.

Known Worlds

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

These are servers. Posting the IP address of servers other than Dragonhollow is considered advertising, a bannable offense, though you can talk about them all you like.

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