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"I am leaving mainly because people continuously raid my village."
Pi abandons Pi Hole

Pi Hole was a Woodlands village founded by Pi in Dragonhollow's Second Era.

After suffering attacks from inside and out, it lost a mayor and fell into ruin, but was later revived anew.


It was fair game to all. His fault for not having his friends claim the chests, or put them underground. better yet, he could have put them IN his claimed land, and yes, he did have some. There was about 5 people in that village. They did not ALL have "claiming problems"
Panda regrets nothing


Pi founded Pi Hole on 2E:85.

Pi was the mayor of Pi Hole

Located a kilometer west of Redwood Gardens along Garden Path, Pi Hole served as a simple farming community for many of Pi's friends. For a time, it quietly thrived in peaceful harmony.

On 2E:103, resident E1ite negotiated an alliance with mighty Castle Kenagy, resulting in friendly trade and promises of defensive treaties.

Haywire was accused of theft by multiple residents and placed on probation. According to E1ite, this apparently eventually led to the collapse of the alliance with Castle Kenagy and the eventual decline of the community.


After successive raids by bandits and reavers, Pi Hole began to deteriorate.

Some residents were critical of Pi's administrative talents, in particular his struggles with keeping essential town property claimed to protect it from theft. After a raid by Panda, E1ite arranged a sit-down between him and Pi and the two came to a trading arrangement.

Town hall was a large tree

Nevertheless, three weeks later Panda infilitrated the town and stole most of its valuables, leaving little left behind, though he denied breaking their monster spawners. Pi denounced his actions in the Forum. Panda was unapologetic and pointed out that it was his own fault for leaving land unclaimed. Five days later, Panda founded PandaCorp in part with the stolen goods from Pi Hole.

On 2E:123, Pi chose to resign as mayor, abandon Pi Hole, and go into self-imposed exile.


Pi rides a pig down the streets of Pi Town

Pi Hole became a ghostly ruin occasionally explored by curious scavengers.

PokeCrafter, one of the town's earliest residents, refused to leave and maintained the claims around his home despite the threat of bandit pillagers.

After Tox extended the Garden Path, KlutzMacher and Wiz discovered Pi Hole and murdered Poke within the town walls.

Steel War

The entrance to their mines, a glass creeper head

On 2E:133, the Brotherhood of Steel annexed Pi Hole on the advice of their new ally PandaCorp and briefly turned it into one of their Woodlands outposts in the Steel War.

The Serkrs set several pitfall traps in the region, hoping to entrap their soldiers.

Elite recaptured the town on 2E:139.

A New Mayor

PokeCrafter's house

To honor the memory of Pi, E1ite decided to restore Pi Hole and become its new mayor. He repaired the outer walls, installed new mob spawners for its XP farm, and attracted new residents.

He also appointed new town officers, including OctavianBC as Architect and PokeCrafter as Redstone Architect.

The town remained functioning throughout the rest of the Second Era, but its activity waned after E1ite joined the Serkrs and focused on faction affairs. This led to Pi Hole falling under the Serkr umbrella, independent but within their sphere of protection.


Piface.png Pi (founder and mayor)
Eliteface.png E1ite (mayor)
Octavianface.png OctavianBC (architect)
Pokecrafterface.png PokeCrafter (redstone architect)
Haywireface.png Haywire
Broskiface.png Broski Ben
Reapsface.png Reaps
Wolfface.png Wolf
Noface.png MyMomCrafter
Noface.png OnePieceGuy