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Hallowmere Best Build Contest
(1st place winner)

"It is a tower, but secondly it is an all seeing eye of Dragon Hollow and some say it sees all that happens in the world. It is a central point of gathering for the citizens and it shines bright even in times of darkness."

Phoenix Spire was a tower in Hardship during Dragonhollow's Sixth Era.

MaccaMan had long desired to build a home in Hardship for the convenience of being near the airship. He was graciously offered a build site by his friend and ally Bagger. Construction commenced on 6E:85 and completed three days later on 6E:88.

The Phoenix Spire was among the most visible structures in town, one of the first things those arriving by airship saw as they disembarked. The superstructure was made of stone brick supported by load-bearing cobblestone posts with spruce beam and corbel elements linked together around large oval windows on all four facades to form what appeared to be great eyes, with the effect being especially striking at night when lit from within. Rather than tapering inward as it rose, the Spire's upper levels were overhanging jetties that projected out over those below, providing window views that made it seem as if occupants were floating above open air. The roof consisted of steep crow-stepped crossing gables, giving the appearance of a traditional house balanced high above the ground. A ruby beacon pierced its center.

The building was considered part of the imperium of Zaeric.

On 6E:89 Macca entered the Phoenix Spire into the Hallowmere Best Build Contest which it won unanimously with five out five possible first-place votes. As a reward, it was later incorporated into the town of Hammerlea in the Seventh Era, where it served as an airship ticket office and dock for Zen's Dhyāna Sky.


"It is one of my proudest builds as I feel as if i have successfully applied all of my building skills and put it into one object."

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