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Dragonhollow Wikia

The People of Dragonhollow, also known as Hollowers, were the diverse collection of gods and goddesses, warriors, writers, bandits, thieves, and countless residents that made up its vibrant community.

The following is an incomplete list of some of the more notable among them.


These were the gods and goddesses of Dragonhollow.

Aceyface2.png Bellonaface.png Benlyface.png Grimface.png Neithface.png
Acey Bellona Benly Grim Neith


These were the loyal Priests of Eris, charged with carrying out her will.

Ajface.png Alarrickface.png Azuface.png Pokeface.png Hyperface.png
AJ Alarrick Azureila FlyingPokemon HyperSilence
Jackface.png Jinxface.png Kastface.png Maccaface.png Retroface.png
Jack Firebane Jinx Kast MaccaMan Retro
Sleekitface.png Smittenface.png Spranksface.png Studface.png Terryface.png
Sleekit Smitten Sprankles Studmuffin Terry
Toxface.png Zenface.png
Tox Zen


These were veterans who arrived in Lakeview Village during Dragonhollow's First Era.

Aoureface.png Bobbakerface.png Brunoface.png Calebface.png Claciusface.png
Aoure Bobbaker Bruno Caleb Claciusvile
Clyonface.png Dragonface.png Faeface.png Frichstaface.png Hanaface.png
Clyon DragonLegends Faeblade Frichsta Hana
Hoboface.png Ghostlypinkface.png Joeyface.png Klutzmacherface.png Lokkyface.png
Hobo GhostlyPink Joey KlutzMacher Lokky
Maazface.png Matiface.png Moosinface.png Noaface.png Nutface.png
Maaz Matioshka Moosin Noa Nut
Oskaface.png Ozface.png Pancakeface.png Pandaface.png Phoface.png
Oska Ozven Pancake Panda Phomatic
Roloface.png Senseiface.png Shandarface.png Sleepyface.png Starsgreamface.png
Rolo Sensei Shandar Sleepy Starsgream
Toddface.png Tycarface.png Ultraface.png Wasdoogface.png Wizface.png
Todd Tycar Ultrazido Wasdoog Wiz


These were citizens who achieved veteran rank.

0uttaface.png Outface.png Absurdface.png Alecface.png Aquariaface.png
0uttaTime 0ut of 0rder Absurd Alec Aquaria
Baggerface.png Benface.png Black0utface.png Bloodface.png Boiledriceface.png
Bagger Ben Black0ut Bloodwrath Boiled Rice
Booface.png Broskiface.png Calface.png Caryface.png Chairtyface.png
Boo Broski Ben Calp0l Cary Chairty
Cokeface.png Dapface.png Debsface.png Dolphinface.png Dredface.png
Coke Dap Debs Dolphin DredGrimoire
Eliteface.png Emberhydraface.png Gabface.png Ibrahanaface.png Jrodface.png
E1ite Ember Hydra Gabault Ibrahana Jrod
Kingface.png Kretinface.png Kyface.png Merujsyface.png Mouseyface.png
King Kretin Ky Merujsy Mousey
Mtlface.png Mudkipface.png Mymomface.png Lesbiface.png Lexface.png
MTL Mudkip Mymomcrafter LesbiQueen Lex
Oliverface.png Piface.png Printface.png Pwnface.png Samuelbobbyface.png
Oliver Pi Print Pwn Samuel Bobby
Sharkface.png Spidermonkeyface.png Spudface.png Strylanface.png Taterface.png
Sharkberries Spidermonkey Spud Strylan Tater
Thedudeface.png Tobyface.png Tranceface.png Wafflesface.png Wojface.png
The Dude Tohbeh Trancesk8er Waffles Wojcik


These were visitors who received their citizenship.

Abbrayface.png Acidface.png Alroachyface.png Ampface.png Anaface.png
Abbray Acid Alroachy Amp Ana McClellan
Applejaxface.png Atomface.png Bearcoteface.png Bengface.png Biscuitface.png
Applejax Atom Bearcote Benedict Biscuit
Bjayface.png Blindladyface.png Iiboneziiface.png Bruhklynface.png Burningambersface.png
Bjayzzz Blind Lady BONEZ Bruhklyn BurningAmbers
Cammyface.png Cavemanface.png Chrisface.png Nightscratchface.png Codogface.png
Cammy Caveman Chris McClellan Cibrel Codog
Curiousface.png Darrenface.png Doctormarcface.png Dwagonface.png Ebonface.png
Curious Darren DoctorMarc Dwagon Ebonblade
Evildragonface.png Feraface.png Ferretface.png Foxwingsface.png Getzface.png
Evil Dragon Ferathmai Fluffy Ferret FoxWings Getz
Gioface.png Greymacface.png Haywireface.png Homuface.png Ilmface.png
Gio Greymac Haywire Homu Homu Ilm
Jasmineface.png Jceetraface.png Jevieface.png Jordanface.png Kalleighface.png
Jasmine JCeetra Jevie Jordan Kalleigh
Karvlordface.png Katieface.png Kevlarface.png Linucface.png Lordface.png
Karvlord Katie Kernal Kevlar Linuc Lord
Mandoface.png Mandoogaface.png Mariface.png Masterface.png Mattoface.png
Mando ManDooga MariPikasaur Master Matto
Mavaface.png Maxhopsface.png Mentalface.png Miaface.png Mistyface.png
Mavadosey Max Hops Mental Mia Misty
Mjrface.png Moldenface.png Moltzerface.png Cedricface.png Mrpamboface.png
MJRminer Molden Moltzer MrCedric MrPambo
Mugratface.png Nabjabface.png Nicoface.png Buckeyeface.png Octavianface.png
Mugrat Nabjab Nico Nutty Buckeye OctavianBC
Ocularface.png Onlyexceptionface.png Paulface.png PODonnellface.png Prestonface.png
Ocular Fracture Only Exception Paul PODonnell Preston
Pyrovikingface.png Quietface.png Reiaface.png Reapsface.png Reqllface.png
Pyroviking Quiet Reia Reaps Reqll
Rkinciface.png Roccoface.png Sedronface.png Shantwoface.png Skystardustface.png
Rkinci Rocco Sedron Shantwo Sky Stardust
Sleepyface.png Puddinface.png Sophieface.png Belleface.png Spectroface.png
Sleepy SlipperyPuddin Sophie Southern Belle Spectro
Stirlingface.png Dewwface.png Techstomperface.png Theraginggamerface.png Toxicturtleface.png
Stirling SugarDeww TechStomper The Raging Gamer Toxic Turtle
Tribalface.png Turtleface.png Varrithface.png Vgdface.png Wickedface.png
Tribal TurtleShell Varrith VGD Wicked
Wolfface.png Xinface.png Zackface.png Zaneface.png Zhorface.png
Wolf Xinicide Zack Zane Uloth Zhortew


These were residents who did not have citizenship.

Aaronface.png Abcface.png Burgerface.png Evanface.png Immortalface.png
ABConnally BurgerDaddy Evan Immortal Rankis
Leviface.png Rankisface.png Ultreeface.png Wingedtface.png Wolfclawface.png
Levi Ultree WingedT Wolfclaw777


These were residents exiled or executed by Eris and her Priesthood for their crimes and enslaved by Grim.

Cgaglface.png Champface.png Cherrycolaface.png Chrismasface.png Hollandface.png
CGAGL Champ Cherrycola Chrismas8899 Holland
Igodzachface.png Jennyjewelface.png Jpizzleface.png Kimface.png L3gitskullzface.png
IGodZach Jennyjewelsteals Jpizzle Kimarastraz L3gitSkullz
Masonface.png Zipface.png Sealterface.png Starsparkleface.png Swagshafface.png
Mason RenewableZip Sealter Starsparkle66 SwagShaf


These were residents who passed away and ascended forever into the heavens.