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"All raiding and griefing against each other will not be tolerated over the next three days."

The Peace Period was a three-day moratorium on raiding, griefing, and intercitizen combat in the entirety of the Lakelands instituted by Eris on 1E:27.

After the devastation wrought by the Skullcleavers during their unprecedented invasion of Dragonhollow in the War of Wizards, there was some confusion and uncertainty regarding the state of the world.

Despite Eris having moved the entire planet backwards through time to a point before the attack, Azure-on-the-Lake remained a smoking ruin and some citizens reported that the magical seals granted by the golden shovel had failed completely, leaving their properties vulnerable.

Facing disillusioned followers who had begun to doubt their goddess, Eris declared a three day halt to all hostilities across Dragonhollow. The announcement received mixed reactions, with some thanking her for providing time to recover from the war while others felt it was anathema to the very culture of the world.

The Peace Period was largely a success. All problems with existing claim deeds were fixed and a group including Acey, AJ, Frischta, and Tox helped Azureila begin rebuilding Azure-on-the-Lake. The people's faith in Eris was restored and valuable lessons were learned.

Some felt that ultimately the War of Wizards resulted in a positive outcome. Over the course of those three days several ambitious projects, such as the strip club at Stud's Red Light District and MaccaMan's Crucible, were completed during the prohibition period. The Time Warp Pack greatly helped those who had lost gear during the war and even benefited those who had not, since it was available to all citizens. And the protections Eris had put in place after the attack guaranteed that Dragonhollow itself would be stronger in the future.

Several residents disobeyed the directive and raided, griefed, or assaulted their fellow citizens. CGAGL, PirateMachine, and L3gitSkullz were temporarily banished for their sins.