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The Parkour Guide was a book written by Tox during Dragonhollow's Seventh Era.

It provided information about the Parkours and Mazes, including difficulty, reward, and location hints.

The guide was an update to Parkours, a book written by Acey in the Fifth Era. In particular, Tox used clearer formatting and colors in the hopes of improving readability.


Seventh Era

Seventh Era—Present

  • Memory on Mnemosyne


Parkour Guide

Information about the parkours and mazes found in Dragonhollow

There are various hidden entrances to parkours and mazes within Sanctuary.

Some can kill you. While deaths will not count against your Top Survivor score, you can lose your inventory.

Cake Run

Difficulty: Meh
Danger: None
Reward: Cake, x1 token

The Cake Run is a beginner's parkour.

It's accessible from a bridge in Sanctuary. Watch the drop!

Water Maze

Difficulty: You can do this!
Danger: Drowning
Reward: Scuba Helmet, x5 tokens

The Water Maze is a starter maze. Looks can be deceiving.

It is located in a pond within one of the ancient trees that tower above the islands of Sanctuary.

Hedge Maze

Difficulty: Might hurt a bit
Danger: Starvation
Reward: x10 tokens

The labyrinthian Hedge Maze has multiple solutions.

It can be found near the Water Maze.

Magma Maze

Difficulty: Welp
Danger: Fire
Reward: x10 tokens

The most formidable maze in Dragonhollow.

The entrance is nestled in Samantha's bleached bones.

Lava Cave

Difficulty: OMG Why?!
Danger: Lava
Reward: x20 tokens

The Lava Cave is the first real parkour you'll find.

To reach it, enter the lava gate located at the base of one of the mighty trees in Sanctuary.

Dragon Temple

Difficulty: Well... ****
Danger: Mobs, lava, falling
Reward: x50 tokens

The Dragon Temple challenges even experienced parkour professionals.

Brave it if you dare. Though its location is a mystery, rumor has it the venerable Gimpley stands watch over the Temple.

Enter at your own risk.