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"I can sincerely say that this Santa is better by far than the real one. This server, its staff and its people are lovely."

The Pandora Secret Santa was an event organized by Tox and Retro during Dragonhollow's Fifth Era.


Participants submitted a wish list of gifts and then were assigned a wish list from one of their fellow citizens. They left the gifts in the mailbox at Wyvern Pointe Post Office that corresponded to their list. Some asked for simple gifts like cobblestone and carpets while others asked for more intricate and valuable things like gunpowder, shuker boxes, and beacons.

As Santa's little elves, Tox and Retro worked to administrate the event and make sure things ran smoothly.

Participants who did not receive gifts, either because their giftee did not or could not fulfill their requests, had their list fulfilled by Santa's little elves.


"Much love to Tox and Retro for organising the event:")"

As part of the renovation of Wyvern Pointe, Tox and Retro decided to hold a Secret Santa event there.

Construction began in an undisclosed secret location on 5E:230. They chose to use Frigid Floe as the foundation, which was transported and anchored in place at Wyvern Pointe. Tox designed a tree centerpiece that was a different design than those that had been used for both the Swampwater and Summergate Secret Santa. Retro installed redstone mechanics in the bowels of the floating island to allow participants to drop off their Wish Lists. Tox created a large sign that could be seen from the Wyvern Pointe Post Office featuring Acey wearing a Santa hat. Retro installed a device that alternated the color of the tree's beacon from red to green, based in part on an earlier design invented by HyperSilence in the Fourth Era. Finally, Tox placed gift boxes under the tree and crafted twin mannequins that resembled he and Retro as elven dopplegangers.

Construction completed on 5E:249.

The event launch was planned to coincide with the unveiling of the new Wyvern Pointe to the public on 5E:258, when the book DH Secret Santa was distributed to every mailbox at the post office with complete instructions.

Dap was the first citizen to submit a Wish List. Thirteen people participated in total.

Most of the lists called for expensive and difficult to obtain items, causing Tox to be concerned that many would end up being disappointed. However, the community was extraordinary generous and gifts as incredible as x3000 tokens, elytra, Twinkle Toes, and a giant enderman statue made entirely of shulker boxes were exchanged.

Only poor Terry had received no gifts by the close of the event on 5E:305. Jinx graciously pitched in a beacon and diamond blocks, though Tohbeh pointed out that her charitable donations came directly from the treasure she'd scavenged from his house. Later, Santa's elves fulfilled the entirety of Terry's list.


"Nobody ended up with any coal in their stockings, except Jinx, who scavenged it from Santa's workshop while he was out delivering gifts."

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Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

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