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natenkirby: pee ur pants
Retro: :D
HyperSilence: hahaha
HyperSilence: @bruhklyn
Retro: that thing is great
HyperSilence: he's quite proud of that
Retro: as he should be
natenkirby: it is amazing
—Residents marvel at PEE YOUR PANTS

PEE YOUR PANTS was a work of art on Halfast during the Eighth Era.

It was designed by Bruhklyn and located east of the Fish Bowl adjacent to SHOP!.

Rising 148 meters into the sky and spanning 120 meters, it was thought to the be the largest pixel art in the known universe, eclipsing both Sans and Team Zissou.

PEE YOUR PANTS took six hours to construct and was made from concrete in shades of white, light gray, gray, black, red, and yellow.


Behind the Scenes

Shadow delivers an important message to fans

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

PEE YOUR PANTS was in homage to a SEGA advertisement featuring Shadow the Hedgehog outside the Los Angeles Convention Center during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which was photoshopped to read “PEE YOUR PANTS”, itself a reference to the PEE YOUR PANTS internet meme.