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FlyingPokemon: I think I'll take the eff X axe, tho the unbreaking X pickaxe also seems good and a looting axe ain't bad either :/
Boiled Rice: if i were you id take the pickaxe
Boiled Rice: unbr X
Boiled Rice: so much easier for mining large areas
Boiled Rice covets the Obsidian Pickaxe

The Obsidian Pickaxe was a pickaxe on Halfast during the Eighth Era.

It was one of the possible rewards for Halfast Survivor and the monthly voting leaderboard.

The Obsidian Pickaxe's pointed blade was made from an alloy of diamond and obsidian, possessing a strength far beyond what any mortal could forge. On average it provided its owner some 377630 uses, making it one of the most durable tools in history.

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