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Ky: good night
Tox: night!
Tox: and good night DH
Ky: good bye DH
Ky and Tox say their goodbyes

Nyx, also known as the Eternal Night, the Long Dark, and the Last Veil, was an apocalyptic event that brought about the demise of Dragonhollow during the Seventh Era.

Its arrival was apparently foretold by an ancient prophecy first described by Nut, claiming that the dragons would return to the place of their birth when the end of all existence was nigh.

Nyx was said to be inevitable, but the active efforts of Eris were thought to have held it at bay for countless aeons. Even during her long absence during the first and second Hyperhollow periods, her eternal essence concentrated within the Heart of the Hollow may have been powerful enough to prolong the planet's vibrant health.

Nevertheless, on 7E:97, her Hegemon Retro announced that Nyx was nearing. With only weeks left, those with the means to leave did so by seeking out other planets where they might rebuild their lives, while the rest used the time they had left to get their affairs in order and prepare to meet their maker.

Nyx came about on 7E:120. Only Retro, Tox, and Ky were on hand to bear witness to the final moments, when space-time itself began to warp and terrifying gravitational forces tore apart the city of Hammerlea all around them. The evacuated aboard the last airship to leave the planet, just before Dragonhollow winked out of existence and disappeared from the known universe.

The true nature of Nyx—whether a celestial phenomenon or supernatural occurrence—remained a mystery. Some held to the belief that the planet still existed in some unknown dimension beyond time and space, awaiting some distant day in the far future when it would awaken from its long slumber and beckon its people to return triumphantly.

Greywatch would later make the worship of Nyx and the demise of Dragonhollow a heretical offense as stated in Amendments II, an appendix to their code of conduct.


"One of the first communities I've ever joined and the one I've stuck with the longest. The friends I have today are because of it. This is not the end. At least for now, may...Dragonhollow rest until another successor inherits the will of the land."
Tohbeh remembers Dragonhollow

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

"And now, more than four years after she first woke, Dragonhollow sleeps one last time. I want to thank Acey for having a vision of what the server would eventually become, HyperSilence for keeping the vision alive, Retrontology for sustaining it after they walked off into the sunset, and most of all everyone else for making the dream a reality."
Tox posts a farewell announcement

Nyx was named after Nyx, the Greek goddess and personification of the night, a figure of such exceptional power than even Zeus himself feared her.

Nyx was an in-universe lore concept devised by Tox to explain the closing of the server on October 31st, 2017. As was customary when a map was over, the server's final map Hammerlands was blown up using an algorithm designed by Retro that replaced every block of terrain with TNT.