Northham Gazette Issue 2
Era Third Era
Writer Tohbeh
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"There is a rat within the Justice League, the suspect behind Spud's invasion is still unknown."

Northham Gazette #2 was the second issue of Tohbeh's Northham Gazette.

Full Text

Tox has been working on the moat around the Justice Castle. Spud has been trying to glitch through the castle. In addition he has raided azureoftheeast nearby. However he has unclaimed the area around macca's tree. Elite has moved out of the castle and into Rolo's area. Reaps, Panda, and Misty of also moved near Rolo.

Reaps has been angered and wasted some valuable armor and gapples when facing a 2v1 against Rolo and MTL. Alarrick has returned from vacation and has returned to play some minigames on mineplex with the usual group. Ozven has left us again to tour New York City. Macca has been breeding villagers and terraforming with Rolo. TheOtherSection has joined the Justice League, he is Yb_ot's friend irl and is kinda anal about organization and stuff. Bloodwrath has been pushing out more builds in the batcave.

There is a rat within the Justice League, the suspect behind Spud's invasion is still unknown. Piworld has been somewhat inactive but has also worked on the moat and his steampunky build. Calp0l has sent through many ban appeals and been put up for poll for return. The base building contest has been approaching ever so fast and the rush to finish bases is on.

This concludes the weekly recap and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed!

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