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Acid: wat did u get lex?
Lex: Netherite Elytra
HyperSilence: Niceee
Lex gets the Netherite Elytra

The Netherite Elytra was a pair of wings on Halfast during the Eighth Era.

It was one of the possible rewards for first place on the monthly voting leaderboard.

As the name suggested, the Netherite Elytra was inlaid with a netherite weave that reduced damage sustained from lava and open flame and provided total immunity from Fire Aspect attacks. In addition, the greater durability it afforded fliers allowed them to make thousand kilometer journeys without needing to land and make repairs.

However, the amount of infused netherite was not enough to make the wings themselves immune to fire nor float on the top of lava.

HyperSilence suggested that the Netherite Elytra could also be obtained as a future prize in the Halfast Survivor as well as treasure received from slaying ender dragons and raiding Hyper Dungeons.

Lex was first to acquire the wings.

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