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"The back garden is my favorite."

Megaminoshi was a walled estate in the Summerlands that serves as the personal retreat and residence of Eris in the Fourth Era.

Nestled amongst snow-capped peaks and surrounded by arboreal backcountry, Megaminoshi was known as one of the most beautiful structures in Dragonhollow.

Its most distinct feature was the dominant roof, with curved eaves and gentle gables that made it visible for hundreds of meters in all directions. The interior was comprised of austere inner rooms, featuring gentle wool sitting cushions and low wooden tables separated by sliding fusuma doors. The rear opened up to an expansive Japanese garden spread out under the welcoming branches of a large cherry blossom tree.

If she was not in Summergate, Eris could often be found at Megaminoshi, enjoying the calming solitude it provided during especially stressful times. Nevertheless, she often accomplished far more than mere relaxation within its walls, using it as a second office where she could better focus on important matters.

A cherry blossom tree in the garden

After her disappearance from Dragonhollow, from time to time residents would travel to Megaminoshi in the hopes of finding evidence of her whereabouts—perhaps even finding Eris herself—but their visits were in vain.

After his apotheosis as a demigod, HyperSilence constructed his own residence nearby. It served as a symbolic reminder to his subjects that as her sole represenative, his authority derived directly from Eris and as such he could be considered her equal.

Megaminoshi was one of the few structures in the Summerlands to survive the Fall of Summergate, as the unequaled power of Eris made it impervious to all damage.


Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

Megaminoshi means "goddess of death" in Japanese, a darker take on Acey's own persona of Eris, the goddess of discord.

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