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Print: Told you to run.
Mason: no i crant
Print: Run for your life, Mason.
Print warns Mason of the mob's intentions

The Mason Mob was a posse formed by Trancesk8er during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era in order to contain, counteract, and crush Mason.

Though their operations had little lasting effect in discouraging his behavior, they successfully forced him out of Trance Swamp through repeated assassinations.

Eventually, Eris obliterated Mason and the mob disbanded, their goals having been met.


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Trancesk8er: Mason you have been warned.
Mason: why
Trancesk8er: You can not live there.
Mason: but its myn
Trancesk8er: No, it's mine.
Mason: no its myn
Trancesk8er: This is my swamp.
Mason: its myn
—The dispute deepens

When a young and inexperienced traveler named Mason arrived in Summergate on 4E:133, he was quickly taken advantage of by man and monster alike. Taking pity on him, mayor Trancesk8er personally invited him to live in Trance Swamp.

Mason's residency was a disaster. After refusing to build on the plot given to him, he built random cobblestone eyesores and blocked off the swamp's central square with walls of trees. When he attempted to steal lapis lazuli from his fellow Swampian Linuc, Trance gave him an ultimatum: leave Trance Swamp forever or die.

The Mason Mob establishes a roadblock on Sprucetop Road leading into Trance Swamp

Predictably, Mason was either unwilling or unable to comply and Trancesk8er killed him. Nevertheless, the boy continued return to the swamp from Grim's Lantern. As the days went by, it became harder and harder for Trance to guard the entire northern border between Trance Swamp and Summergate.

Finally, on 4E:139 he announced the formation of the Mason Mob with the express goal of permanently driving the boy out of Trance Swamp. Trancesk8er solicited the help of his allies and any resident of the Summerlands who had grievances against Mason.

Each member had reason to enlist. As a Swampian himself, Ferathmai had witnessed firsthand how all of Trance's attempts at negotiation had failed. Chris McClellan had been forced to drive Mason out of McClellan Plantation after he refused to leave. Mason's interference with the construction of a house at the Paper Palace had led both Print and Bjay to join. Sprankles had repeatedly tried in vain to help Mason become self-sufficient by equipping him with tools and seeds, but now conceded the boy was beyond help. And Tox opted in after Mason's theft of several banners.

The inclusion of Print, Sprankles, and Tox in the faction was essential because they controlled all of the major routes into Trance Swamp. To this end, they worked together to form a blockade. At the Compound, Sprankles and Trancesk8er guarded Sprucetop Road. Tox and Ferathmai protected the intersection of Swampian Lane and West Road. And the trio of Print, Bjay, and Chris McClellan established a roadblock

In this manner they were able to repeatedly intercept and kill Mason, but despite facing certain death he always attempted to run their blockade and reach his squatter's plot in Trance Swamp.

The mob surrounds their target, sure to end well for Mason

To further streamline their murderous goals, Ferathmai with the assistance of Tox constructed a TNT trap that would be triggered if the boy opened his item chests. When he did so, most of his meager belongings were destroyed by a newly opened lava pit. With nothing left to return to, at last Mason realized there was no reason to stay in Trance Swamp.

Later, Tox would imprison Mason within the Tox Box where he eventually starved to death. When the boy apparently tried to kill TurtleShell at the Paper Palace, her husband Print hunted him down with Trancesk8er and slayed him.

On 4E:140, Eris declared Mason a "public nuisance" and obliterated every atom in his body and banished his immortal soul to the Underworld in service to Grim where it was to burn for eternity.

With their objective completed, the Mason Mob declared victory and disbanded.


Tranceface.png Trancesk8er (founder and leader)
Printface.png Print
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