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This article is about the Scavenger Hunt item. You may be looking for the Cranny Lightsaber or Darth Mox's Lightsaber, similar items that were available in Wyvern Pointe during the Fifth Era,

"The lightsabers 'blaze rods' were found at hammerlea in shulker boxes."

Light Saber was a weaponized blaze rod found during Dragonhollow's Seventh Era.

It was created by Jinx as a loot reward for the Hammerlea Scavenger Hunt, though rumors persisted that she had stolen the design from Darth Mox. It appeared to be a stronger version of the Cranny Lightsaber available in Wyvern Pointe from Mox's Cranny during the Fifth Era.

There were four Light Sabers available during the Hunt. Alec found two of them, but Zen persuaded him to leave the other so that someone else could find it.

The Light Saber carried the ability to set enemies on fire, which combined with the knockback function made it a surprisingly useful early survival tool for both self-defense and hunting. Animals killed with the Light Saber would drop cooked meat, forgoing an immediate need for coal or a furnace. The weapon was indestructible and never required repairs. Furthermore, it had no attack cooldown, so the rod could be rapidly deployed against a multitude of targets. These traits arguably made the Light Saber the most effective and versatile item available in the Scavenger Hunt.

Late in the Seventh Era, Tox acquired a Light Saber from one of its original owners and put it on display at Hammerhome.

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