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"Its a bit of a travel though. So unless you have an elytra, you probably ain't makin it. And rockets."

The Laughing Dragon Inn & Tavern was an inn and tavern in Dapton owned and operated by Dap during Dragonhollow's Fifth Era.

It was a welcoming building constructed primarily of stone brick and dark oak, evoking a warm, woodsy feel.

The Laughing Dragon owed its namesake to two ender dragon heads mounted behind the bar whose jaws articulated via a redstone signal, giving the appearance of jovial laughter.

In addition to hoppy ales and smooth liquors, the Laughing Dragon's second floor featured eight rooms for rent. Six shared a tree theme: the Acacia, Dark Oak, Spruce, Oak, Birch, and Jungle. The seventh was called the Loggers' Hovel. A spacious master suite was available above the hearth.

Business was slow due to the fact that Dapton was located fifty kilometers from the nearest Dragon Gate. Nevertheless, during the last days of the Fifth Era the master suite was reserved for an unknown tenant.

Like the rest of the island and the entirety of Pandora, the Laughing Dragon was destroyed by the opening of Pandora's Box on 5E:319, first by fire, and then vanished completely below the waves when Dapton sank into the sea.