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Lakeview's Trunk was a book written by the Loremaster Alarrick during Dragonhollow's Second Era.

It was a collection of the rumors surrounding the reappearance of the Old Oak's broken trunk in Redwood Gardens.


Second Era

  • Swampwater
  • Redwood Gardens Library
  • Woodlands Museum

Third Era

  • Deep Thought

Fifth Era—Present

  • Memory on Mnemosyne


The Trunk of Dragonhollow...

A somber reminder of the destruction of Lakeview Village. Some say it was destroyed by hordes of undead, others say by the mysterious protector of Lakeview and all of Dragonhollow itself, another of her fits of rage and unpredictability, and some say it simply disappeared.

Regardless of the case, the very trunk of the tree in Lakeview has been seen in Redwood, on top of the town hall. No one knows by what means it got there or why, though all are sure it is a sign of someone, or something, coming back to the lands of Dragonhollow.

Although, these are just rumors...or are they?