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"I'm JinxStark. I can infiltrate anything."

Jinx, once called Jinxy and formally known as Jinx Stark, was a skilled scavenger, mayor of Prosperity and Jinxion, and an Architect of Eris.

After her arrival late in the Fourth Era, Jinx slowly accumulated wealth and resources via theft and foraging in abandoned properties while she constructed Dark Castle in Summergate. Thanks to the multitude of structures made vulnerable by the Black Claim and the sponsorship of affluent benefactors Gabault and Trancesk8er, Jinx became rich in the final days before the Fall of Summergate and caretaker of a real estate portfolio that included the Rookery and Sedron's Crimson Chapel.

As time went on, she became associated with the Merry Men and played a small but consequential role in their war against Hyperion. In the Badlands she founded the desert village Prosperity.

During the Fifth Era, Jinx was a member of the Dragon Hunters and after struggling in a lonely mesa she established a swamp community called Jinxion, inviting a number of acquaintances to settle in its Visitor Village. She spent her time in a wide variety of eclectic ways, conquering the 25k Hyper Dungeon with Gabault, attacking Sprankleton with powerful explosives, and organizing the first Clan Olympics.

For Dragonhollow's Sixth Era she joined fulfilled an old goal by joining the Dragonslayers as a prospect, but after their time in Hallowmere proved to be short she instead allied with Alec and built the Castle of Colour, a magnificent treehouse of stained glass nestled within an oceanside grove of cypress trees. Later betrayed by her old Merry Men comrades during their Invasion of Hallowmere, Jinx and Alec retreated twenty kilometers from Hardship and lived out the remainder of their days in solitude.

After Retro was named by Eris as her Hegemon, he chose Jinx to become an Architect of Eris. In this capacity, she helped renovate the floating island of Sanctuary and was instrumental in the construction of Hammerlea, being responsible for the creation of its library, courtyard, marketplace, and train station. She also organized the Hammerlea Scavenger Hunt.

In the Seventh Era, Jinx formed a partnership with Alec and Biscuit known as the Hooligans and split time between the mushroom isle she shared with them and the sacred shrine of Jinkusu-ji. Her last major project was the construction of colossal Bog Stadium. In the last days of Dragonhollow, she won the foot race event at the Third Eastbrook Races and competed in the Marshacre Melee.