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Wiz: A rly cool build
Jinx: i call it the Jinkusu-ji
Wiz: Cool name
Wiz likes Jinkusu-ji

Jinkusu-ji was a beach house and sacred shrine in the Hammerlands during Dragonhollow's Seventh Era.

It was constructed by Jinx to serve as her personal home separate from the holdings she shared with the rest of the Hooligans.

Jinkusu-ji was built upon the ocean beaches, surrounded by thick tropical jungle. It was constructed from various woods and white wool with distinctive load-bearing red concrete support beams. Jinx chose an austere look for the interior, leaving it mostly empty and free of decoration, though she began excavations to develop underground levels.

Jinx based the design in part upon the architectural style employed by HyperSilence in his Shinigami pagoda.

It was close to the capital Hammerlea and only a few hundred meters from the Hammerlands Railway's West Line, exposing it to sightseers and travellers and making it one of the region's most recognizable landmarks.


JBug1919: jinx house is AMAZING
Sleekit: the one on the beach
JBug1919: yeah im there
Sleekit: yus
Sleekit and JBug praise Jinkusu-ji

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

"I called this build Jinkusu-jo which translate is supposed to mean Jinx Castle but upon a lot of research most japanese temples and stuff end with ji so im probably gonna rename it Jinkusu-ji."

The name of Jinkusu-ji was originally Jinkusu-jō, or Jinx Castle in Japanese, but Jinx later changed it to the -ji suffix, which when appended to a place name means temple.