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HyperSilence: Have you guys looked for my island place yet?
macca: where is it
Tox: 125k out
HyperSilence: I haven't said where it is.
Tox: So even less specific than "within 125k of spawn." I think I'll pass.
DH discusses location of Hyperion

Hyperion, was a floating island chain of the Summerlands far from Summergate and Snowcrest.

In the Fourth Era, HyperSilence, the Archpriest of Dragonhollow, underwent a transformative apotheosis to become a demigod with newfound authority and abilities that rivaled those of Eris herself. As a demonstration of this new power, he began creating a magnificent home for himself and his new worshippers.

Little is known about the land. It appears to be be a series of floating islands suspended above a vast ocean.

The red dragon Vermilion, which served as Hyper's familiar and flying mount, abandoned its mountaintop nest above Summergate and established an aerie somewhere in Hyperion.

On 4E:356, Hyper announced a great dragon taming contest that would reward citizens for capturing and presenting the most impressive beast. These dragons would be transported to Hyperion where they would join Vermilion, lending the region its unofficial name of Wyvernpoint.

Behind the Scenes

The following is out-of-universe information about the real world Dragonhollow.

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