"Should've seen him leaping across skyscrapers in a single bound on his horse earlier."
Tox, referring to Hyperion

Hyperion was a genetically engineered superstallion that served as the personal steed of the Archpriest HyperSilence during Dragonhollow's Fourth Era.


Gabault: jeez Hyperion is pretty fast
Jinx: hyperion? how fast?
Gabault: id say 25
Gabault: LOL he jumps so high
Jinx: holy shit how high can that horse jump?
Tox: your cape goes crazy when you do that
Tox: Super Gab
Gabault: xD
Gabault rides Hyperion

He was a grey and white coated mustang adorned in golden armor.

As befitting the mount of a demigod, Hyperion was capable of leaping a hundred meters at a time, easily vaulting over large buildings. He was the faster than any other means of transportation in Summergate and invulnerable to all forms of attack.

HyperSilence stabled him at Eastbrook Raceway, where he often remained. However, the Archpriest would occasionally ride him at special events during the Hyperhollow era.

On 4E:391 he made an appearance at the Second Eastbrook Races, though HyperSilence chose not to participate as he was supervising the event and no horse alive could hope to compete against the mutant beast.

Hyperion was also seen at the first of Woj's Races on 4E:397.

When the magical projections of Eris failed during the Fall of Summergate, Gabault raided the stables at Eastbrook Raceway and hijacked Hyperion. Riding him triumphantly as an armored war horse, Gabault was able to easily navigate the crater-filled blastlands and ruinous landscape of Summergate. Eventually, he put the stallion "in a safe place" where he would not come to harm.

Hyperion was never seen again.


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