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"Hyper, innocent? Pfft. When pigs shit platinum."

HyperSilence was the fourth and longest serving Archpriest of Eris, General of the Dragonslayers, governor of Cabbage, founder of Hyperion, and architect of the Hyper Dungeons.

After arriving in Swampwater in the last days of the Second Era, he aligned himself with the aggressive Dragonslayers faction and after proving his value to Calp0l as a tactical mastermind he was made General of their dreaded army. As strategic commander, he played a key role in the Third Era's Northham Wars and pioneered a number of strategies and tactics in raids and battles that increased the faction's military might and extraordinary wealth.

Like the rest of the Dragonslayers, HyperSilence was publicly executed and his soul was forcibly banished to the Underworld by Eris for numerous crimes against the people.

He escaped as part of the Scattering during the Dark Age and established a safe haven on Cabbage for fellow refugees fleeing in the wake of Northham's destruction. Eventually, he turned against his own kind in opposition to the Dragonslayers, made peace with Eris, and in the Fourth Era returned to Dragonhollow from his long exile. Recognizing his reformation and experience, Eris chose him as the next Archpriest of Eris and her chief lieutenant.

In this role, he served as caretaker for the majority of both the Fourth and Fifth Eras while Eris was away during a period known as Hyperhollow, whereupon he created the first Hyper Dungeons, organized the construction of Wyvern Pointe, and initiated the Twilight Project. When Retro was chosen as the first Hegemon by Eris, he was permitted to stay as Archpriest. By the late Fifth and early Sixth Eras, Hyper's primary contribution to the affairs of mortals was to create spontaneous squid storms.

HyperSilence was the founder of the prosperous Hyperion faction, whom he led in battle against the Merry Men across both the Badlands and Pandora.

Despite his contributions to Dragonhollow, Hyper remained a controversial figure amongst some older veterans due to his past history.