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Sprankles: Found it!
Tox: Mine is Skellies, what's yours?
Sprankles: Huskys
Sprankles finds the dungeon

The Husky Dungeon was a Hyper Dungeon discovered in Outer Pandora during Dragonhollow's Fifth Era.

It was part of Dungeon Quest II.


The Husky Dungeon was located less than a kilometer from the Dragonkin Dragon Gate in Outer Pandora along a winding river.

The structure was a wood dome constructed out of jungle wood logs with a lime green beacon climbing from its apex. Within the dungeon was a lush landscape of grass and vine-covered trees.

It was defended by more than three dozen Husks in gold-plated armor, armed with powerful swords and shields.


All regular mobs could spawn inside the dungeon due to low light levels.

  • Husk 28px.png x35 Husky


Unfortunately, there was no treasure chest in the Husky Dungeon, but the following loot could be found:

  • Beacon.png x1 beacon
  • Diamond block.png x1 diamond block
  • Gold block.png x8 gold block


I still haven't entered. I'm too scared.

On 5E:101, HyperSilence announced the creation of four new Hyper Dungeons to entice those visiting Wyvern Pointe to explore Outer Pandora. Each dungeon was placed within a kilometer or two of one of the local Dragon Gates.

On the next day, after raiding the Spidey Dungeon together beyond the FFA Gate, Sprankles and Tox separated to find the dungeons near their respective clan gates.

It was the first Hyper Dungeon that Sprankles had ever attempted to defeat alone.

Inside the dungeon

He quickly overcame his initial trepidation and battled the Huskies by punching holes in the side of the dome and slowly thinning their numbers. Even so, he took serious damage from their Thorns III armor and relied on their enchanted golden apple drops to survive. Though it cost him his maxed out diamond boots and severely damaged the rest of his armor, he managed to clear the entire dungeon.

However, Sprankles was unable to locate any hidden treasure chests. While searching, he inadvertently triggered the gravity magic put in place by Eris, causing the entire dome to begin collapsing in on itself. He quickly evacuated.

Tox came to help find the treasure chest but after an exhaustive search of the ruins they decided none existed. Still, the beacon, ore blocks, and thirty enchanted golden apples made the raid well worth it.

FlyingPokemon would later build Rain House within sight of the dungeon ruins.


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